Cb Weather Radio Guide

CB Weather Radio Guide for Beginners - How to Choose the Right One

A CB weather radio is a necessity when you are going on a road trip. You'll be able to access information about upcoming storms and their locations. At home, you can simply turn on the Weather Channel or go online to read about weather conditions. When you're out on the road, however, you need a CB weather radio to keep you informed. A regular radio won't always work when you need it to - especially when you're out in remote areas. A CB weather radio, despite being relatively low-tech, can work very well in most circumstances.

Don't think for a moment that cellular phones have made Citizen Band radios obsolete. Many people still use them for road trips. Truckers in the US generally use them to keep up with weather conditions. Whether you're a trucker or a hobbyist, there are a few things you need to know about these devices before getting one. While they're not expensive, you still need to know how to use a CB weather radio before investing in one.

There are essentially two types of weather radios. The first is a standalone model, which receives weather alerts for watches and warnings. The second type is a multi-function CB weather radio which receives broadcasts regularly. Do you want to only be notified of emergency weather conditions, or are you interested in receiving regular updates, no matter the conditions?
Once you pick out a CB weather radio, you need to tune it properly. Find out where the closest National Weather Service transmitter is coming from and tune the radio accordingly. Place it facing the closest transmitter to improve reception.

You can also program the radio to receive Specific Alert Message Encoding from certain counties. If you're going to be on the road, program it to receive SAME from the counties on your route. You may need an external antenna to receive good reception in isolated areas. Also, mountains and buildings can affect reception, so having a large antenna can definitely come in handy.

Not all CB weather radio brands are the same. Various manufacturers produce them, and they are not all equal. Only those which carry the Public Alert logo from the National Weather Service should be considered. In addition to a large antenna, the only accessories you really need for a CB weather radio are batteries and an adapter. If you're going on a long trip, make sure you bring along plenty of batteries for your CB weather radio.

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