Collectible Toy Soldiers

Collectible Toy Soldiers - Ancient Warriors or Modern Fighters?

Collectible toy soldiers have been a part of every little boy's playing days back in school. Collectible toy soldiers have been manufactured for over 150 years and it can be safely said that even today, these toys have a market that's totally safe despite console video games taking over children's minds. If you have ever thought of returning to your old days with a collection of collectible toy soldiers, then don't wait, just read on.

From ancient warriors to modern day commandos, the world of collectible toy soldiers has it all, and more, in store for you. You have so many options to choose from that this would truly be a case of being spoilt for choice. Collectible toy soldiers are quite inexpensive and that means that you can buy a number of different toy soldiers at one time. However, there will always be a few versions that are a little more expensive due to some special characteristics such as manufacturing defects, special editions or one-of-a-kind collectible toy soldiers.

Some of the most popular categories of collectible toy soldiers are the World War I and II categories. Allied and Axis forces have been wonderfully depicted in these collectible toy soldiers, most of them manufactured in those eras. These collectible toy soldiers all hold different poses and are, at times, accompanied by other items such as artillery guns, holding skis, carrying propellers for planes, holding their parachute, etc. There are some beautiful figurines that depict unique aspects of the war such as soldiers holding carrier pigeons, throwing grenades, getting shot and even surrendering.

If you are interested in modern day collectible toy soldiers, then your options are as wide, if not more.

There are several compositions or collections of soldiers sold as sets. These sets have a group of, usually, three or more toy soldiers in an action pose. Along with collectible toy soldiers, you can also get doctors, dogs and weapons as part of these sets.

While in the older toys, you will find lesser detailing, these collectible toy soldiers are more expensive than modern versions especially if they are authentic and in prime condition.

Placing them on your display shelf is another fun aspect of this hobby. Most collectors like to create complete battle scenes with these collectible toy soldiers holding their pose in different aspects of the entire scene. This makes looking at the entire collection even better than simply placing them on a shelf randomly. It also allows you to share your collection with your children and friends, creating an additional mode to this already wonderful hobby.

Taking care of these soldiers is quite simple and although you might need to keep some of the older versions away from direct sunlight, for fear of fading away the paint job, you can handle them as you please. Regular dusting is usually enough although you can clean them with warm water and soap if required.

Whether you are looking for the famous London imperial guards or some foot soldiers from the crusades, all collectible toy soldiers are painted in actual colours and uniforms, making the entire experience even more enjoyable. A hobby that requires little investment in terms of time or money, you are sure to get more fun than you expect in the world of collectible toy soldiers.

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