Model House Plans

Model house plans can be found from many sources, architects, toy stores, hobby stores and even the Internet. For complex model houses, the plans can get expensive, but for people on a budget, you can also acquire model house plans free from the Internet. Another option is to make a house plan to scale from the original house plan of a house. Of course you could also make model house plans from scratch.

But before you decide, let's talk about these options a little more in detail. You will need to gain some knowledge on how to read house plans. You could either talk to your local builder for some basic information that can get you started, or browse through the Internet for information on how to read and understand house plans.

Moving onto the sources of procuring model house plans, many enthusiasts with roomy pockets hire architects to create model house plans for them, as per requirement. The pros of hiring an architectural firm or even an architect, of course is that it can get very expensive. If you are just looking to build a model house as a hobby, this may not be a good option. Collectors looking to expand their collection with masterpieces, or unique model houses, may still consider this option.

Purchasing model house plan from toy or hobby stores is a much more economical solution. You may not find plenty of choice, but for novice model house builders, there will be plenty of simple plans to choose from. The drawback with this method is that you may not find the perfect plan you have in mind. There may be little room for customization, especially if you do not have the right skills or level of experience.

The best option for people with a little experience with model house plans is to create their own scale plan of the model house. For this purpose, you will ideally need graph paper, 4 squares an inch, though regular paper will also do, a sharp pencil, scissors, glue stick, tape measure and cardboard. Now assume each square as one foot, and convert all the lengths in the house plan you are scaling down, as per this scale and draw them out. In case you are not referring to a house plan, you could measure your own walls and draw them out in the graph paper.

Be careful when measuring doors and windows, as you need to do so without including the frames. Mark windows as double lines, and the doors with an arc and a line. You will also need to take into account the built in fixtures, and the furniture if you wish to incorporate that as well. Don't mark the furniture in the same sheet.

Once you have completed the entire house, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert at making model house plans yourself.

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