Challenges In Tombstone Rubbing

There are several challenges in tombstone rubbing that have, over the years, made the entire hobby a bit harder to pursue. Most of these challenges come from the techniques that are involved in tombstone rubbing while some of them are also about the rules and regulations that can come in your way. Knowing what these challenges in tombstone rubbing are and how to get around them is something that will help you get started with this hobby.

For those who are trying to ensure that they don't break any laws and also enjoy their hobby as much as possible, these are the challenges in tombstone rubbing that you need to be aware of, careful about and work around.

Maintaining Tombstone Rubbing Records

When you are rubbing tombstones, one of the most important aspects is the kind of data you collect from these tombstones. The data and the design of these tombstones is the reason why people get into the hobby and if you are capable of picking up good impressions, then you will get that information you need. However, one of the biggest challenges in tombstone rubbing comes from those tombstones that are not very clear in terms of the information they hold.

This usually happens due to wear and tear over time. Sometimes, the tombstones are made with the right kind of materials or, in yet other cases, there is a lot of difference in the way people may have rubbed them earlier. The use of forbidden chemicals or materials, while rubbing tombstones, is also a major cause of this problem. You need to make sure that you don't indulge in such activities to cause further issues and as far as missing out on information is concerned, you can always get in touch with the church near the graveyard and check their records for the details.

All churches will have records of their tombstones and if you are worried about missing information or broken up letters, then the church's archives should help you out.

Tombstone Rubbing for Family Trees

Another major reason for people getting into the hobby of tombstone rubbing is to create family trees. Finding out about all the previous members of the family, whether as a hobby or as a profession, is something that might also require tombstone rubbings as part of the recording process.

Keeping this aspect of tombstone rubbing in mind, it is always better for hobbyists and professionals to fill the gaps in a family tree that they might be working on. Interpreting common words such as "elder" or "cousin", amongst others, can be a very difficult thing. It might also be misleading if you do not know about the details of the family who's tree you are working on. Once again, the records at the church can give you a good idea of who the family was, their current surviving relatives, their names and addresses - so you can dive into that part to finish off your research.

Training for Tombstone Rubbing

One of the biggest challenges in tombstone rubbing is acquiring the required skills and knowledge to indulge in the hobby. It is a huge problem to find the right kind of resources to help you out simply because there are limited books and information about it. A major challenge in this entire setup is also the practical use of that knowledge. Without really getting a demonstration of how tombstone rubbing is actually done, you might find it quite hard to figure out what you need to do.

The best way to go about this is to find a mentor - a person who can go ahead and give you the kind of hands-on experience you require, without really heading out into the hobby with improper preparation. It can also give you the confidence of actually watching a professional or an experienced individual rubbing tombstones in front of you to help you understand exactly what needs to be done and how.

Overcoming challenges in tombstone rubbing is something that you can learn from experience or learn from the work of others who are already in this hobby. There are certain things that you just cannot learn from others - the touch on the paper and the force you need to use, for instance - while there are other things that you can learn very easily - like what are the best materials to use and so on.

Depending on where you stand in your tombstone rubbing hobby, you will find different levels of challenges in tombstone rubbing. The key is to keep your mind open to new knowledge and keep a lookout for things that can make a difference in the way you practice this hobby. Stay focussed on the task at hand and you will find that all these challenges in tombstone rubbing will just melt away.

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