Books On Tombstone Rubbing

There are a number of books on tombstone rubbing that can help you understand the finer points of the hobby. These books are written by people who have been in the hobby for many years and in that process, have picked up vital bits of knowledge that can help you figure out what you need too. From learning about the basics to getting some special tips that no one else would know, these books on tombstone rubbing will really help you out.

General Books on Tombstone Rubbing

There are many books on tombstone rubbing that give you a general guideline on what the hobby is, how to identify tombstones and how to make the most of your encounter with the hobby. Here are some books on tombstone rubbing that would fall into that category.

Creative Rubbings by Laye Andrew:

A book that talks about the craft of rubbing in a delightfully old-fashioned manner, making the reader anxious to go out there and get started. Perfect for adults as well as children, the language in the book is quite simple to understand while all the details are mentioned in very simple steps that are easy for even a newbie to follow. It has a lot of information about rubbing and rubbing techniques that can easily be applied to tombstone rubbing!

Rubbings and Textures - a Graphic Technique by John J. Bodor:

Another book that's mainly about rubbing techniques, it acts as an excellent guide for the hobbyist. It has a lot of general tips and information about rubbing but also has five well-stocked chapters on tombstone rubbing. For anyone picking up this hobby, this is one of the most recommended books on tombstone rubbing.

Early American Stone Sculpture by Avon Neal and Ann Parker:

This is not a book on tombstone rubbing at all. In fact, it only contains images of rubbings that have been done on the stone sculptures that are located in New England, USA. That said, each image is a learning guide to how tombstone rubbing needs to be done and how those results need to appear. It is one of the most beautiful books on the subject, with double-page photographs spread all over it. Easily one of the best books to buy if you want to be overawed by the quality of tombstone rubbing.

English Brass Rubbing Centre:

Now, this isn't really as much a book as it is a soft-cover catalogue about the rubbings and lectures that the California-based centre actually provides. It might fall under marketing material but when it comes to the illustrations of some of the rubbings that there are in this catalogue, as well as some of the equipment that is displayed in it it is definitely worth a buy.

Rubbing Craft by Cecily Barth Firestein:

This is a book that also speaks about rubbing, very generally, and includes a variety of categories such as letterboxes, manhole covers and also has a long list of things and rubbings related to tombstone or gravestone rubbing. It also takes these rubbings and tells you how to put the design into a tee-shirt.

Specialist Books on Tombstone Rubbing

If you are looking for something that talks only and only about tombstone rubbing, then here is a great list of books that you can look through:

Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye - A Guide to Gravestones and Gravestone Rubbing by G. Walker Jacobs:

This book is all about different kinds of tombstones, about identifying them and about tombstone rubbing. It has a lot of information about the history of the hobby and everything else to do with it. However, the real gem in this book are the illustrations and there is nothing that can beat the quality of the illustrations and the information they share with you.

Rubbing Off History by Phyllis M. Diandrea:

Another book based on the New England scene in the tombstone rubbing hobby, this one talks about a lot of different elements of the hobby including the history of stone-carvers and tombstones along with an explanation of symbols and epitaphs that you might find on these tombstones. Very poorly illustrated but has a lot of information on technique and other aspects of practical use to any hobbyist.

A Grave Business by Susan H. Kelly and Anne C. Williams:

This is another book from the New England scene of tombstone rubbing and is part of the travelling exhibition of tombstone rubbings that the authors organized along with the help of the Art Resources of Connecticut. Along with rubbings, there are several of their works in the book while the different angle of looking at the hobby make it one of the most outstanding options for your book shelf.

Remember, knowledge is one of the most important things you need to get your tombstone rubbing hobby right because in the end, you are dealing with a monument that is placed in memory of some individual. So handle these situations with care because you will always need something to keep you going on. So grab these books on tombstone rubbing and you will never need any help again!

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