Barbie Doll Houses

Barbie doll houses have, over the years, been one of the most popular doll house models available in the market. With an exciting range of products and an even more exciting range of accessories to enhance these products, Barbie doll houses have captured the imagination of young and old from around the world. Created with the idea of wooing all kinds of people - children & grown-ups, male & female; these Barbie doll houses have come a long way since the first of their kind hit stores in the 1960's.

Collecting Barbie Doll Houses

Collecting Barbie doll houses was almost a self-explanatory hobby that grew in popularity by itself. There was absolutely no need for people to do anything except buy these houses and place them in their display rooms or on the shelves. With a large number of accessories like lighting, furniture and other fittings being constantly developed by the manufacturers, there was little doubt that the fad of Barbie doll houses would stay on for a really long time.

Today, Barbie has come out with doll houses that can be classified into vintage and contemporary models based on their designs. The vintage designs are made on the basis of house-styles from the Victorian, Georgian and other older eras that we have come to admire. These are generally more expensive than the contemporary models, and rightly so, as they do come with an expansive range of accessories and even wooden flooring, in some cases.

The contemporary forms of Barbie doll houses are cheaper and are usually made of plastic. These, like the vintage designs, may be 3 to 4 feet tall however their designs are standard, as per house designs today. These contemporary doll houses are made more on the lines of modern day designs and are created for children to play, with their dolls.

Some Barbie doll houses are based on a variety of themes such as the glitter doll house that has the entire model based on shiny and glittery things. You have shiny disco balls hanging over floors that are brightly coloured with a lot of glass and glitter being used on the paints, the walls and even the furniture.

The Fashion Deluxe House is also based on similar lines, carrying 18 pieces of wooden furniture to go with the 6 spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Although most Barbie doll houses come in standard pink and lilac shades of colour, modern designs have seen them come out in a variety of pastel shades as well.

It is important to keep these Barbie doll houses safely, away from the dust and dirt because these can really cause damage to your house, the things in it, over time. The best way to store, display and safely maintain your house over time is to keep it in a glass display case. This ensures that your house is safe from external damage, while being visible to all. You can simply pop it out and play with it if you want, leaving things clean and safe from water or dirt.

While Barbie doll houses were introduced to let children take their love for Barbie dolls to the next level, the houses have become favourites for grown-ups as well. With a host of accessories and a variety of designs to choose from, you are sure to have a fantastic time with Barbie doll houses.

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