Barbie Doll House

Barbie doll houses are a much-coveted possession for children, although with children quickly moving onto other forms of entertainment, owning Barbie doll houses has become more of a hobby for the older generation. Most of us, especially the ladies, may have had an experience with Barbie dolls earlier in their life and going back to a Barbie doll house may just bring back memories of a wonderful childhood spent with these wonderful dolls.

Bank in the 1960's, when the first Barbie doll house was made, audiences were taken aback by the quantity and variety of small knick-knacks that filled these wonderful toys. Collecting these houses became a huge hobby irrespective of where people were, as they communicated through the common language of this fantastic toy, the Barbie doll house.

Today, we can categorize Barbie doll houses into vintage- and contemporary-design.

Victorian Barbie Doll House

The Victorian doll house is amongst the most popular forms of Barbie doll houses available today. This design has taken over their previous best, the country-style Barbie doll house. Although the design varies according to the model, the Victorian house has 3 to 4 storeys with a studio apartment, entirely made of wood. This quality is guaranteed when you buy other forms of vintage Barbie doll houses such as the Colonial, the South-western, the Georgian and other old styles.

In the contemporary forms of Barbie doll houses, you will find cheaper models primarily due to the generic designs. There are wooden doll houses, play houses and many other forms of contemporary doll houses that allow you to enjoy the Barbie doll house experience.

The glitter doll house is one of the more popular models, especially with little girls, while the Barbie dream house has been known to fascinate grown-ups as well. In most cases, such as in the Fashion Deluxe House, created by Kid Kraft, you will not only find 6 spacious bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and a living room, you will also find a host of wooden furniture, beautifully crafted to fit the overall appearance of the house.

Most Barbie doll houses are unlike regular doll houses especially in the size department. The average house will stand at around 3.5 to 4 feet in height. They are mostly pink or lilac in colour although you can change that once you get one. There are large doll houses that can actually fit Barbie dolls while others, especially the wooden variety, are built to a smaller scale.

Wooden Barbie doll houses also come in beautiful pastel shades along with wooden furniture but in most cases, there are three to four rooms, which some feel is not enough to play.

If you don't appreciate spending so much on a ready-made Barbie doll house but still want to have fun, you can create a dollhouse of your own in a much less expensive way. Moreover, while making the Barbie doll house, you can spend quality time with your family, especially your child.

Taking care of your collected Barbie doll house is very important. Since the vintage doll houses are expensive, it is preferable to keep them in glass boxes and taking them out only while playing. You also need to keep your Barbie doll houses away from water & dirt otherwise the paints & decorations might get damaged, especially in the case of wooden doll houses.

Collecting them or simply using them for playtime, the use of Barbie doll houses varies depending on your age, interests and choices. With the benefits of a large number of accessories to expand them, there is no limit to the possibilities that you can extract from your Barbie doll house.

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