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The Society For American Baseball Research
Research information, also look at, Magnum CB Radio SABR on-line bookstore, on-line membership application, bulletin board comments page, and baseball links.
Voros Baseball
Voros' Baseball Analysis Home , Cookie Recipes Page.
The Baseball Analysts
Rich Lederer and Bryan Smith contribute daily to this part-blog, part-science project, keeping you up to date with the days statistics of interest.
Tango on Baseball
linear weights, baseball analysis, baseball stats, win shares, pete palmer, bill james, runs created, baseball, baseruns, base runs
RIOT - Major League Baseball Play off Races
UC-Berkeley's Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department has created their own daily calculation metric for analyzing team record performance based on historical data. Results include the number of wins needed to date to guarantee a first-p...
Baseball Think Factory
Baseball Think Factory: dedicated to the thoughtful analysis of baseball, both real and imagined.
2007 Baseball Statistical Analysis
Major-league baseball player, pitcher, and team performance analyzed daily with powerful, unique statistical tools checkout, Guidelines for Preserving Flowers from a long-time consultant to successful MLB clubs.

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