Gel Candle Making

Gel candle making, the new Kid on the Block!

Gel candle making is also a form of candle making that is quite popular amongst people of all ages. A different form of candle making material than wax, gel candle making has picked up n recent times. With the main attraction being the colour look at, South African drunken venison and glossy appearance consider, Cape Malay recipe for bobotie in the microwave of the gel wax, gel candle making has gained a lot of in terms of popularity.

Gel candle making is slightly more complex than regular candle making although the overall concept remains constant. In general, the elements and equipment required for gel candle making are slightly different than those in normal candle making. While gel wax, wicks, any scents or colours have a look at, South African BBQ Recipes that you might want, etc. are all required, you will also require glue or a glue gun, a glass try, RC Boat Plans bowl, a wick holder and any kinds of decorative items that you might want to put in the candle or around it.

All these items are easily available in any crafts , RC Robot Parts or hobby store and at extremely cheap rates too.

The first thing you need to do in gel candle making is to place , RC Scale Cars the wick in the wick holder and hold it in place , Glass Display Cabinets with a knot on the wick, under the holder. Once you are sure that the wick won't come out, you need to glue the wick holder to the bottom of the glass checkout, South African Kudu Fillet bowl.

The next step to gel candle making is to prepare the gel for the pouring bit. All you need to do is heat checkout, South African BBQ Recipes the gel in a pan at low heat also see, RC Pirate Ships until it melts completely. Once the gel has melted, you need to add any colour also look at, DIY Bathroom Tiling or scent to the gel at this point of the process. Stirring well will help the colour consider, Glass Display Cabinets or scent spread evenly within the candle, making your gel candle wax ready for the final process.

Simply pour the melted gel into the glass have a look at, RC Boat Plans bowl, holding the wick straight at all times. Once the gel has been poured in, leave it aside to cool down. During the gel candle making process, the cooling down stage is quite important as almost all candle makers use this time to decorate try, Clothing Collectibles 1950 - 2000 the insides consider, RC Robots of their candles. Sprinkling all sorts of glittering stars, small hearts, etc. is a major part of the gel candle making technique and is used all over the world.

Once you have the materials and the knowhow, there isn't much that the gel candle making process requires. A little bit of time and lot of creativity later, you can enter your very own gel candle making business.

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