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Kokusai Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate - Kobudo Kai
International school of combined martial arts based in Sydney. Teaching Goju Ryu karate, Okinawa kobudo and personal protection. Classes for men, women and children under the guidance of Sensei A de Araya 8th dan....
English Shotokan Alliance
The English Shotokan Alliance (ESA) The English Shotokan Alliance (ESA) was formed in September 2007, by the founders; Sensei Slater Williams 6th Dan and Sensei Paul Barron 5th Dan. Both have in excess of 30 years experience. From 1990 they were members of the World Karate-Do Shotokan Academy headed by the renowned late Taiji Kase and Hiroshi Shirai and latterly members of late Taiji Kase sensei’s Shotokan Ryu Kase Ha Instructor Academy of which both retain membership. Membership of the Alliance provides a clear and well-defined structure for all grades. All members, Dependant upon grade, have access to Coaching Qualifications (Governing Body and NVQ), free Black and Brown Belt Courses, and National Courses under National and International Instructors. The ESA is an Association committed to the furtherance of Shotokan Karate as originally taught by the World’s recognised Masters. Membership of the Alliance is on application by groups, clubs and individuals. Application forms and further information why not visit, Sugar Free Orange Raisin Muffins can be obtained from our General Secretary. AIMS & OBJECTIVES The aim of the ESA is to facilitate an Alliance of clubs and groups dedicated to continuing the Traditional Shotokan practise as disseminated around the World by graduates of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) Instructors Course. Senior members of the ESA (3rd Dan and above) will also have access to instruction from the late Kase sensei’s Academy system...
Martial Arts Development Corp
Martial arts and self defense equipment, books, and vids. Home also see, RC Nitro and Gas Boats of the Punch/Block Power consider, Bond Cleaners Sunshine Coast - Cleaning Charger for speed and power , Make a Collage in punching and blocking. ACCELERATE YOUR DEVELOPMENT
Sensei Downey, 5th Dan, leads training checkout, Collectible Musical Instruments in traditional Goju-ryu karate, self-defense, kobudo, and competition programs. Training also look at, RC Micro Trucks is in Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA.
Optimum Fighting Concepts
At Optimum Fighting Concepts we run small group and private martial arts classes incorporating techniques and strategies from Jow Ga Kung Fu, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The classes are great for improving fitness whilst learning an effective self defense system. Senior Instructor Neal Elliott has been practising martial arts since 1980 and as well as the styles listed above he has also studied Karate, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, & Capoeira. Group classes in the Optimum Fighting Concepts system, and private lessons in Jow Ga Kung Fu are run at a private studio in Wolli Creek near Sydney International Airport on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and evenings. Please phone try, Best local business directories or email to discuss your needs and the studio address will be provided. Private lessons in Jow Ga Kung Fu can also be booked at either Newtown or Rockdale Fitness First provided a suitable space is available in the gym at the time requested. Mention this advert to receive a free introductory group class....
Hapkido International Association
Traditional Hapkido, Korean martial arts training have a look at, RC Sport Planes in Australia. Learn self defence and improve fitness. Supervised by Grand Master Bermas Kim, 9th dan Hapkido, affiliated with the Hapkido Moo Moo Kwan Association of South Korea. ...
Dragon Force National Karate Team
Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and Dragon Force National Karate Team established 1980 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Best Adult & Youth Karate Classes. World & National Champions
Farmington Hills shorin-ryu Shidokan Karate
We are dedicated to the teaching of Original Okinawan Karate as taught and practiced by the North American Beikoku Shido-Kan Association, headed by Sensei Seikichi Iha, Hanshi, 10th Dan. The distinguishing feature why not visit, Canoe Sprinting - Flatwater Canoe Racing, Sprint Canoe of our karate practice from other schools of karate is the relentless practice of bunkai (applications of kata). This style of karate (featured in The History Channel's "Human Weapon") was first call try, Wooden Display Cases Shorin-Ryu by Chosen Chibana in 1933. In 1948 Katsuya Miyahira opened his Shidokan Dojo. Karate Dojo's practicing under Sensei Miyahira are called Shido-Kan Shorin-Ryu. ...
Seibukai Martial Arts Safety & Health
In addition to classes in Kokushiryu Jujutsu, Karate, Adult Self-defense, Judo, and Tomiki Aikido, we offer certification in CPR/AED,CPR Pro, First Aid, , RC Wall Climbing Car Child & Babysitting Safety, checkout, RC Quadcopter and many other health and safety why not visit, Coin collecting Guides courses. ...

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