Making Doll Shoes

Making Doll Shoes ain't easy!

Making doll shoes can be as easy or difficult a task, as you choose it to be. Ranging from simple felt shoes, stuck to cardboard, to high fashion shoes, making doll shoes depends entirely on the type of shoes you choose to make. There are a wide range of skills also look at, Madeline Dolls you may have to learn for certain shoe types, such polymer clay doll shoes, which are usually employed for making doll shoes with heels.

Now before you can begin making doll shoes, you will need to do some research about the different types of shoes available for dolls. If you are a novice, then you will also need to pick up a few essential skills why not visit, RC Dump Truck such as sewing, sculpting and painting. , RC Toys Start out by browsing through doll magazines, or websites or visit your local checkout, Collecting rare Coins bookstore for informative books on making doll shoes, such as Make Doll Shoes! Workbook I and II, by Lyn Alexander. Once you have some basic idea about the commitment required for each doll shoe type, you can pick one best suited to your skills. also see, RC Toys

The ideal choice for novice doll shoe makers is to make simple shoes for flat also look at, RC Motorcycles footed dolls. Begin by collecting the basic things you will need for these shoes, which include glue, scissors, felt, thin cardboard, paper and pencils. Once you have all this, place also look at, Sugar free Ginger Muffins your doll on a paper and trace out the shape of her feet. Use this pattern to cut out two pieces from the felt, which will then form the soles for your doll shoes. Once your soles are ready, you will need to cut out straps or half moons to make the top part of the doll shoes. Be sure you have the right measurements of your doll's feet in order to make the doll shoes fit.

The next step is to glue the half moons or straps to the front edges between the two pieces of felt you cut for the soles. The base of your doll shoe is now ready, which you can decorate have a look at, RC Sport Planes with sequins or beads. Repeat the process for the other shoe as well.

If you are interested in making doll shoes with heels, you will need to first wrap some clay around your doll's foot, to form the right shape. Mould it to resemble the shoe you wish to make and peel it off the doll's foot, which may then require some re-moulding to get the right shape. Now use another piece of clay to form the heel of the shoe.

Bake the shoes as required by the clay you are using, and then allow it to cool completely. Now you can either paint also see, Drawing Faces your shoes, or apply clear coat try, Beef Fry Kerala on them to give them a glossy finish. These simple steps are all you need to follow to learn about making doll shoes.

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