South African game recipe for venison with a German flavour

There are numerous German immigrants who have made South Africa and neighbouring Namibia their home , Vietnam War Reenactments over the centuries. So it is no surprise to discover that some of them have adapted their favourite German recipes for their new country. why not visit, Philosophical Languages This South African game recipe has distinct German origins, and relies on berries, all of which are widely available in South Africa. The original recipe suggests that the venison be hung for three weeks prior to being cooked. If you buy from a butcher though, it will probably already have been hung for a similar period of time. However you will need to follow the South African game recipe that requires you to marinade the meat for two days, basting it frequently. The German recipe suggests serving with potato dumplings, red cabbage and a cranberry or redcurrant jelly. The South African game recipe suggests roast potatoes, green also see, Korean War Reenactments salad and the same sorts of jellies.

1 litre buttermilk
3 slices of fresh lemon
8 peppercorns
5 juniper berries
1.2 kg saddle of venison
salt and freshly ground black pepper
175 g streaky bacon
60 g butter
4 tablespoons corn checkout, Geocaching flour
salt and pepper
60 ml sour cream
15 ml stewed cranberries

First step is to get the marinade ready. This is simple; all you do is to mix the buttermilk with the lemon slices, peppercorns and juniper berries. Pour over the meat and marinade for two days, basting from time to time.

To cook the venison, first pre-heat the oven to 220 °C. Make sure the meat is dry; rub with salt and pepper checkout, Home Improvement Center and place also see, Sand Castle Building Terminology - Part One in a roasting pan. Cover with the bacon. Melt the butter and pour over the meat. Roast for about 20 minutes, basting frequently. Then cover the meat and continue roasting for another hour. Remove the bacon and roast, without the lid, for a final 15 minutes, until brown. Remove the meat from the roasting pan and put it on a platter in the warming oven or on a hot consider, Collectible Vintage Fine Jewelry - Jewellery tray.

Add some hot water look at, Korean War Reenactments to the roasting pan and scrape up the meat juices. Bring to the boil. Thicken with the corn , Coin collecting Software flour and season try, Collectible Glassware with salt and pepper. also look at, Diecast Trucks Add the cream and cranberries before serving this delicious dish made using a good German-based South African game recipe.

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