South African game recipe for wild Boar

Moving to a new country also look at, How to Apply Geofiction inhabited primarily by indigenous people who had no experience of Western ways must have been quite an experience for Jan van Riebeeck and his people. The Cape of Good Hope had been discovered by Bartholomew Dias in 1488 and was well known by Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama. But it was not until van Riebeeck was sent to the Cape in 1652 to establish a "refreshment station" for passing ships that vegetable gardens , Knit Wit were planted and domestic also look at, Surf Kayaking - Surf Ski stock introduced. In the early days van Riebeeck found it difficult to provide sufficient fresh meat for passing sailors. While they had some cattle, sheep and oxen, they did not have enough of these animals , How to Apply Geofiction to ensure a reliable supply of meat. For this reason they turned to game meat, including dassies (rock rabbits), porcupine, buck and boar. This South African game recipe for wild boar is relatively simple and very similar to a regular daube, which is basically just a dish of meat and vegetables also look at, Collectible Model Muscle Cars that are braised together for several hours at very low heat. consider, RC Robot Actuators It could also be cooked using any South African game recipe for venison. If wild boar isn't available, then you could use pork instead. Either way be sure to use a young animal otherwise it will be tough and chewy. This South African game recipe should be served with a chestnut purée, so we have included a recipe for this too. You could also serve it with prunes try, Collectible Model Muscle Cars that have been cooked in wine with a little sugar together with grated orange rind.

1 kg wild board or pork meat
strips of bacon fat, 125 g chopped
chopped parsley
4 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
mixed spices
4 onions, quartered
3 carrots, chopped
salt and pepper
1 litre red wine
250 ml white , Gin Rummy wine vinegar
45 ml brandy
60 ml oil
bouquet garni
rind of ¼ orange

beef stock
pinch salt
pinch sugar

Cut the wild boar into pieces and lard with strips of bacon that have been rolled in the chopped parsley, garlic and spices. Put the meat into a saucepan with two of the onions and the chopped carrot, and sprinkle with salt, pepper , Home Improvement Electrical and spices. Add the wine, vinegar and brandy and marinate for at least four hours.

When you are ready to start cooking - about five or six hours before you plan checkout, Digital Photography Info to serve the meal - put the chopped bacon fat and oil into a casserole dish and sauté the remaining onion until brown. Add the meat and vegetables also see, 1:6 Scale RC Tank that were with it in the marinade. Cook until the meat is brown, stirring now and then. Add the bouquet garni, orange rind and three cloves of garlic. Add the marinade to the pot also look at, RC Aeroplane and cook until it reduces by half. Then add 575 ml boiling water, have a look at, Model Car Display Cases cover very tightly, and cook in a slow oven for about five hours until done.

To make the chestnut purée, peel the chestnuts and remove the inner skin. The easiest way to do this is to slit the shells and put the chestnuts into a warm over in a dish containing a little water. have a look at, Digital Photography Info Leave them there for about ten minutes to soften. Then cook the chestnuts in stock, using just enough to cover them. Once cooked, the liquid should have reduced considerably. Rub the flesh through a sieve and then return the purée to the pan, adding a little salt and sugar. Lastly add a little butter to thicken.

You could also serve creamed potato or a pasta dish with this South African game recipe.

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