South African drunken venison

South African game recipe for drunken venison
Here is a South African game recipe for venison cooked in red wine. You can use any sort of game depending what is available where you live. Both kudu and Springbok are suitable, but you can substitute any available venison. This South African game recipe is simple to prepare and even simpler to cook in a cast iron potjie (or another cast iron pot) on top of the burning embers of a BBQ fire. checkout, Modern Reenactments It will, however take a good three hours to cook, so bear this in mind if you are cooking this South African game recipe for guests.

Since the venison is cooked with vegetables, checkout, Candle Making Molds you don't need to cook another dish, although you could offer fresh rolls and salad checkout, Brewing Brown Porter at Home with the meal - and of course a few glasses , Nbays IT Solutions Pty Ltd of good South African wine!

1 shoulder of venison
250 g Brussels sprouts
6 potatoes
1 large onion
125 ml soya sauce
100 ml red wine
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon smooth apricot jam
1 teaspoon dry mustard powder
125 ml peach chutney
125 ml ready-made steak marinade (packet or bottle)

Light a fire checkout, RC Robot Bases and allow it to burn until all you have left are glowing coals. When the pot have a look at, DIY Kitchen Sink Plumbing is nice and hot, , Collectible Road Signs pop the shoulder inside , RC Model - General and pour the wine and soya sauce over the meat. Leave it to simmer slowly for an hour and a half. Do not stir during this time. Just make sure that you add a few hot also see, CB Radio Wiring coals under the belly of the pot , Jewellery or Jewelry Tools from time to time.

In the meantime prepare the vegetables , Collectible Toys and Games by peeling and slicing the potatoes and peeling and slicing the onions into rings.

When the meat has cooked for the given period of time, take the lid off the pot also look at, Numerology and pack the potatoes, onions and Brussels sprout on top of the meat. Do not stir. Allow to simmer for a further half hour before serving the drunken venison from this simple South African game recipe.

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