South African game recipe for brunch

This unusual South African game recipe for brunch calls look at, Special Wood Carving Secrets for delicious game biltong. Nothing else will taste quite the same, but if you don't have access to game biltong then you could use ordinary beef biltong (or even jerky) instead. The flavour won't be quite the same, but it will work for this South African game recipe. While you can cook all the ingredients inside, consider, Meta Robot on your stove, the ambiance will be much better if you gather around a BBQ (or braai) and cook the meal from this South African game recipe on a plough disc, or even a portable gas also see, Boat Building Supplies BBQ with a skottel (or disc-shaped cooking surface).

What biltong and jerky have in common is that they both originated from man's need to preserve food. , Knitting for a Baby Biltong is, of course a South African tradition in itself, and good quality game biltong is very special. While jerky is the closest comparable ingredient, jerky is usually stripped of all its fat and is then marinated before being dried or smoked with low heat. consider, Collectible Figurines Only occasionally is it salted and sun try, Language Planning dried. Biltong is always left to cure without added heat, have a look at, RC Boat Propeller usually inside why not visit, Grapefruit Oil on racks. It is either just salted or sometime rubbed with spices. The amount of fat left on biltong varies; some people prefer it fatty. If you opt for jerky, try to find game jerky rather than ordinary beef jerky. You will find that it is made from various wild animals why not visit, RC Nitro Jet Skis including deer, kangaroo and bison.

The ingredients in this recipe are sufficient for five hungry people. Adjust the quantities according to appetite.

20 nice fat slices of gemsbok biltong
150 ml cooking oil
2 onions, peeled and thinly sliced
5 tomatoes, look at, Glass Display Cases for Collectables chopped
500 ml tomato checkout, RC Beginner Planes sauce (or ketchup)
salt and pepper
250 g butter
10 eggs

Preparation for this brunch will depend on the equipment you have decided to use.

You need to braise the tomato consider, Digital Camera Shutter and onion in a pot also see, Collectible Grandfather Clocks of some kind; or you can braise it on the skottle. The advantage of using a pot have a look at, Meta Robot (or a potjie on an open fire) is that you can cook everything more or less at the same time.

When the tomato have a look at, Glass Display Cases for Collectables and onion is beginning to thicken, fry the biltong in a little oil; alternatively you can grill it on a grid without oil - but be careful it doesn't fall also see, How to build a Boat through the grid. When the tomato also look at, Modern Reenactments and onion is nice and thick add the tomato why not visit, Collectible Figurines sauce and season try, RC Beginner Planes with salt and pepper. try, Clothing Collectibles 1900 - 1950

Last of all, fry the eggs in butter in a pan or on the skottle. Serve with fresh pot consider, Glass Display Cases for Collectables bread, rolls or anything else you think will complement this unusual South African game recipe.

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