South African BBQ Cool Open-fire Fondue

South African BBQ recipe for a Cool Open-fire Fondue
While the traditional Swiss fondue is a communal dish shared around a table, the South African braai version is just a bit different. Apart from anything else, the southern hemisphere version of a fondue takes the whole experience outdoors. also look at, Digital Photography Info Instead of heating a pot have a look at, RC Race Car of oil (or cheese or chocolate) over a flame, the SA version requires an outdoor try, RC Custom Cars fire. The best South African BBQ recipe for any type of fondue will give you ways to cook not only the meat or fish also see, Making Rubber Stamps you are going to include in your meal, but also dips and sauces. A good South African BBQ recipe will also explain how to consider, RC Wheeled Loader cater for a specified number of people, and what sized potjie should be used to cook the meat or fish. why not visit, Crochet Scarf This article offers a South African BBQ recipe for an Eastern fondue that can be made using either veal, pork or beef.

Basic ingredients for an Eastern fondue
You will need about 1,5 kg of meat and a good quality meat stock to cook the meat in. To make the meat stock you will need:
1 tablespoon of butter
2 finely chopped onions
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 cup dry white checkout, Crochet Scarf wine
4 cups meat stock (homemade will taste better than cubes, but it really isn't that important)
2 tablespoons medium cream sherry
freshly ground black pepper

How to make the fondue

First the fire. why not visit, Underwater Digital Photography

When it's ready then you can melt the butter in your pot also look at, Collectible Spoons (that great three legged heavy metal why not visit, Ylang Ylang Oil potjie) and fry the onion and garlic. It's really no different to cooking on a regular stove, except that because you are cooking in a heavy duty cast iron pot, , Collectible Coin Banks it does take longer to heat also look at, Shape Collage up.

When the onion and garlic are translucent and golden brown, add the other ingredients and let them simmer together for a while.

Slice the meat thinly and then cook it in the piping hot consider, Jousting Reenactments stock until done to taste. You can make a range of traditional fondue dips to go with the meat, or simply cook it and serve with fresh bread or rolls.

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