RC Aerial Photography

RC Aerial Photography

RC Aerial Photography by Tony Stott

Scene From Above Aerial Images

Website: www.scenefromabove.biz

Half the fun of radio controlled models is operating the model as if you were actually inside consider, Methi Malai Matar - Fenugreek and Peas in Butter Sauce it. It is such a tiny stretch to add a camera checkout, Martial Arts to the model and get to see it rather than just imagine it!

After most of my life playing with R/C, I only recently stumbled on this whole other dimension, and I can't imagine going back! I now have fully controllable digital cameras why not visit, RC Tank Accessories mounted on a small electric why not visit, Advertising Collectibles helicopter, an 8 metre glass checkout, Photo Collage Software fibre mast, the gondola of a quarter scale hot-air balloon, and now a high performance kite! All are also equipped with cheap spy cameras, try, Photo Collage Software which transmit the camera's view to the ground, so I can aim the camera also look at, Copper Collectibles with the help of a 7 inch LCD screen. All mounts have 90 degree tilt, while all but the heli also have the ability to rotate, or pan, a full 360 degrees. There is inexpensive software available which enables stitching of multiple images into a cylinder, or even a sphere, which is truly something to behold!

Why the kite as well as the balloon? In Australia, if operating commercially, any untethered aircraft (e.g. the helicopter) requires a UAV Operators Certificate from CASA, but tethered balloons or kites can be flown to 120 metres with little restriction. Believe me; the view from that height is incredible!!!

The kite is for windier days, while the balloon is for still ones. Simple really! But even the 8 metre mast can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the image.

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