Making Cloth Doll

Making a cloth doll is a great hobby, as well as great way to learn the basics of doll making. Most novice doll makers begin by making a cloth doll and it is an equally popular hobby amongst little children as well as adults. With no restrictions on size or style, making a cloth doll largely employs your creativity.

Choose the right Material for your Cloth Doll

To begin making a cloth doll you will first need to get the basic raw materials required, which include a sewing machine, fabric, thread and needles, yarn or doll hair, doll eyes or buttons or even paints also see, RC Mini Boats and most importantly, the doll pattern. Choosing the right doll pattern is important, as you need to pick one based on your level of skill, checkout, Guide to Geofiction as well as your personal preference. Numerous doll patterns are available on the Internet, look at, Pottery Barn with clear instructions and pictures accompanying most.

Once you have all the basic materials collected you can start making your cloth doll by cutting up the fabric for the different parts of the dolls, such as limbs, head as well as torso. For the body parts, try to use skin-colored fabric, and be sure to choose a comfortable fabric type. After all the pieces have been cut out, you will then need to sew all the darts.

Start with the torso section, by turn the fabric inside consider, RC Tank Treads out and sewing the fabric pieces together. While stitching the pieces together make sure you leave some room look at, Pepsi Collectibles to attach the head as well as limbs. Once you have completed stitching the fabric, turn it inside also see, Touch Enamelling in Jewellery Making out, now it should be the right side out, stuff the doll with fiberfill or cotton, and keep it aside for later.

Now you need to repeat the process with the doll's head, though in this case you will need to only leave one opening for the stuffing. Similarly repeat the process for the limbs, make sure you leave an opening for the stuffing. Once all the parts have been stuffed, you will need to sew them all together. To do this properly, follow the specific instructions that came with your pattern.

After you are done, you have the basic body of the doll complete, and you need to embroider the face. You can either sew in the buttons to denote eyes, or just paint also see, Digital Photography Online the eyes onto the fabric. Do the same for the nose and lips. Now you need to sew on the hair onto the dolls head. In case you do not want to go to all the trouble, you can paint , Vintage Robot Toys the doll's hair as well. This works better in the case of male dolls.

For the final step all you need to do is dress up your doll in clothes of your choice. You can either buy readymade clothes, or even learn to make doll clothes on your own. Even if you can't make the perfect doll in your first couple of tries, don't give up hope, as like with any other craft why not visit, Generic Viagra 100mg A Reliable Remedy to Erectile Dysfunction Problems practice is key to making a cloth doll perfectly.

Cloth Doll Making

    Creative Cloth Doll Making

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