Crimean War Reenactments

Crimean War Reenactments

Crimean War Reenactments are popular in Europe!

The Crimean War influenced one of the most famous poems, The Charge of the Light consider, Crochet Yarn Brigade by Alfred Tennyson. After reading the poem, it is no wonder why people wish to reenact this war that invoked so many emotions. The Crimean War was fought between the Russian Empire against the alliance of France, the UK, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire. Crimean War reenactments are more popular in Europe but do not have the popularity of other historic reenactments.

The uniform has different variations depending on the company or country why not visit, Restaurant Ware Collectibles being portrayed. Since the war involved so many countries, have a look at, Collectible Maps and Globes there are a lot of different uniforms and battles to recreate. The Green why not visit, Model Airplane Collectibles Howards, who represent the 19th Regiment of Foot in the Crimea from 1854-56, have different uniforms depending on the battle.

For the Battle of the Alma in 1854, the regiment wears look at, South African pot-roasted venison Albert Shako hats, red coatees, leatherneck stocks, and Oxford Blue checkout, Cheap RC Robots woolen trousers. In this battle, the soldiers were not strong enough to carry their knapsacks due to an outbreak of Cholera. The red coatee was waist length in the front and had long tails why not visit, RC Toy Robots in the back. The collar was open to expose the leather stocks around their necks. Pewter regimental buttons and white , Free Embroidery worsted lace decorated the front of the coatee. The 19th Foot carried 1851 pattern Minie rifled muskets that weighted 10 pounds. When carrying the knapsack it would contain a pair of boots, a pair of socks, a shirt, towel, washing and eating utensils, 3 brushes and a tin of blacking, soap, pipe clay and a sponge. There is an 1852 Infantry Manual that many reenactors follow.

As you can see, Crimean War reenactors pay a lot of attention to detail. Researching the authenticity of items is as important to the hobby as the actual reenactment itself. If you are interested in learning a lot about the Crimean War, look into reenacting it! Crimean War reenactments mostly take place checkout, Collectible Maps and Globes in Europe, so if you live in the United States you'll have a harder time finding a group to connect with. Don't be afraid to be one of the first to start a Crimean War reenactments group in the US!

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