Future Robots

Future Robots

What does the future regarding robots hold? What are the next technological barriers that need to be overcome? What are the next steps? These are pertaining questions if you are interested in the field of robotics.

A robot can be termed as a programmable device consisting of electronic, electrical, and mechanical components. Robotics is defined as the science and technology of robots. In science fiction robots are shown to have become so powerful that they decide to take over humans. But in reality it may take a long time before we would be having a conversation with androids to get all our work done.

To have robots do most of the manual work in future we would need to fulfill the following minimal requirements:

- The object recognition capability of a 2 year old child.
- The language understanding of a 4 year old child.
- The manual dexterity of a 6 year old child.

Whereas to introduce robots in a social context, in addition to the above mentioned requirements we would to need to have them an understanding of an 8 year old child.

Ground robots and the UAVs are already in use during wars. The robotic defense is also already being developed by various different countries look at, World War II Collectibles like USA, EU etc. THE FUTURE OF MILITARY ROBOTS holds robots fighting most of the wars with the help of non lethal weapons.

The Swarmanoid is a robot that uses 3 classes of robots: fotbots, handbots and eyebots. In future these Swarmanoid should be able to perform different task like cleaning a bedroom.

In future the robots should be able to replace humans from labor look at, How to build an RC Boat intensive jobs in manufacturing industry. According to a report published by National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), the future of robots can be timelined as following:

- 2013-2014 Agricultural Robots also called Ag Robots:
- 2013-2017 Robots that would be capable to care for the elderly
- 2017 Medical Robots capable of performing the low-invasive surgeries
- 2017-2019 Household try, High Medieval Reenactments Robots to provide complete domestic checkout, Fast RC Boats help
- 2019-2021 Nanorobots

The US Department of Defense plans why not visit, Military Robots the following:

- 2015 to have one third of its fighting capacity provided by robots
- 2035 to have first completely autonomous robot soldiers on the battlefield
In addition to this there is a lot that the future of robots holds:
- Caterpillar plans checkout, Tyco RC Cars to develop fully autonomous remote controlled heavy robots by 2021.
- Totally automated factories would be common. For example currently in factories such as IBM keyboard manufacturing is fully automated.
- Robots would be available to guide the blind people.
- There would be domestic also look at, How to Collage robots for specialized jobs.
- Robots would be available for almost any job in hospitals. This would also include Robo-surgery.

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