Brunswick Heads Squash

Brunswick Heads Squash

ednesday's Business Houses also see, DIY Kitchen Plumbing Teams Competition

Adrian wants to sign you up!!!!

To play, phone have a look at, Hamsters 66851794, talk to Adrian.

Brunswick Heads Squash Rules

Teams may change also see, Embroidery History if people drop out.

Games commence at 5:00pm. If you wish to organise your game earlier or later, please phone also see, Pottery Courses the courts (Adrian 66851794) and your opponent.

If for any reason you can't play on a particular week, please notify the courts ASAP. Do not notify your opponent! There are substitutes waiting to play, but they need sufficient notice. If players fail to notify the courts, they will lose their spot to someone else.

Any player nominating for competition squash at this centre must be prepared to score either before or after they play every week. If a player scores and their opponent hasn't arrived by the time the game finishes, one of the players coming off must score so that the person who has scored can go on that court the following game. They are also encouraged to support their team mates in their games.

Thanks to the generous sponsors!

Please, remember them when services in those fields are needed!

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