Kite Festivals Asia

Kite Festivals Asia

There are lots of different Kite Festivals in Asia to enjoy!

Kite festivals in Asia are a massive affair as they are considered to be a major part of the local also look at, Butterfly Collectibles culture in many countries. consider, Electric Airplanes So much so, that kites are considered to be an integral part of most festivities, which makes kite festivals in Asia a big deal amongst the people. The kite festivals in Asia are known for the participation of the local also look at, Kids Origami public and even though some festivals are not celebrated at any particular venue, rooftops and local also look at, Baps Cleaning Is To Lead Cleaning Melbourne — Our Mission parks offer a great vantage point for these kite flyers.

In the birth place have a look at, Singhz End of Lease Cleaning of kites, the main kite festival of Asia is held at Weifang in China. The salt flats try, Sports Card Collectibles in the southern parts of the city come alive with kite flyers from all over the world. The city is home checkout, Breweriana to the largest kite museum in the world and the annual also look at, Ylang Ylang Oil festival welcomes professionals and visitors from all over the world where beautiful also see, Cool RC Robots kites of all kinds, and from all cultures, are on display on the site.

Pakistan is a major venue for a kite festival in Asia held during the spring why not visit, Kite Kits festival of Basant. Although it is a major sport in the country, consider, Geocaching it is banned in many areas as people tend to fight their kites using strings covered with powdered glass try, Collectible Watches and Clocks and metal checkout, Poker Rules shards. Despite this, people gather on rooftops and parks and fly their kites with kite fighting being a major feature also see, Breweriana of the festivities.

In Gujarat, India, the main cities are host to a major kite festival in Asia. The festival is held every year on the 14th and 15th of January. The festival, known as Uttarayan (14th Jan) and Vasi-Uttarayan (15th Jan) is a time for people to gather from early morning and fly kites of all shapes, sizes and colours checkout, Poker Rules till late evening on each day. Preparations start almost 15 days in advance as people start stocking up on kites and cords. The festival sees many international entries from across the globe.

In India, other days such as the Independence Day are also symbolized with people gathering to fly kites from their homes. also see, CB Radio Scanner Although not a recognized kite festival of Asia, such days are important parts of the kite flying culture in such countries. have a look at, Plant Collectibles

Bali is also home also see, Top 10 DIY Plumbing Problems to a major kite festival in Asia where international entries are quite common. July sees people gather on the Sanur beach to display their prized creations. The Bebean, a fish-shaped kite is one of the largest kites flown during the festival and is a popular local also see, Kite Kits variety of kite flown during the festival. Janggan, a bird-shaped kite is known to have a cloth tail look at, Kids Origami that stretches to around 100 meters - another popular form as is the Pecukan, a leaf-shaped kite that is considerably difficult to fly for its unusual shape. Tourists and international professional kite makers and flyers are a common feature also look at, Collectible Watches and Clocks during this wonderful kite festival of Asia.

Every Asian country, have a look at, Wood Carving Tools where kites are a part of the local try, Reliving Memories and Good Times culture, has festivals at the local try, Memorabilia Display Cases and international levels that are known to be quite spectacular as crowd pullers. People from around the world are known to get bedazzled by the wonderful display in these countries have a look at, Schulze Electronics as tens of thousands of kites fill up the sky on these wonderful kite festivals in Asia.

Indian Kite Festival

    Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival

      Uttarayan and the Kite Festival of Gujarat

        Weifang Kite Festival China

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