Yoda Origami

Yoda, in Origami, is one of the harder sculptures to make but when it comes to popularity, it is next to none. This iconic figure may have been the one design that almost every Star Wars fan wanted and with the creation of the Yoda Origami model, everything seems to have been set right. The fact that there are plenty of people searching for directions to create Yoda in Origami is proof of the fact that if you want to know about an iconic design that will always get people's attention, then it is the master Jedi.

Starting off Yoda Origami

To start off, pick a green-coloured paper because the coloured side becomes the head while the white side will become the body of the Yoda Origami sculpture. The first thing you need to do is place the paper with the coloured side facing you; then fold and unfold along both the diagonals, creating creases. Make a kite fold, and then unfold, to create more creases.

Make a valley fold on the top of the paper, to make the tip touch the 3/4th mark on the vertical crease. Turn the paper around and fold the top again, in a valley fold, and make the straight edge of the folded paper align with the horizontal crease in the middle.

Valley fold and unfold the left and right sides to create yet more creases and where the sides touch the edge of the main paper, connect that line and fold the bottom part upwards, from that position.

The Yoda Hood

Flip the paper over and you will find a triangle facing you. To either side of the triangle, there will be creases running behind it - pick the creases closest to the triangle's top and fold the top vertex of the triangle downwards. On the folded tip of the triangle, make a squash fold and put the flap behind. That is how you make the hood for the Yoda Origami sculpture.

The Yoda Head

Once you have pre-creased the paper, you can make an open sink fold to start things off. Flip the paper over and rotate the paper so that the bottom comes to the top. Fold the top and vertically fold the paper in half. Now, undo the open sink fold that you had made earlier before reinforcing all the creases through all the layers of the paper.

Collapse the tip that's been revealed by unfolding the open sink fold, open it slightly, push it to the left and fold the flap down. Unfold this and turn it over - to complete the head.

The Yoda Hands

Fold one of the tips to touch the 1/4th distance-crease on the paper. Mark the crease to use as a reference point for later. First, make mountain folds to mark the areas where the hands would be, and then make those valley folds needed for the right arm. In the tiny square that's been made at the top of the paper (because of the light crease made earlier), fold the vertex in through the middle before opening it and making a kite fold.

Make three different kite folds of varying lengths before opening the entire thing up. Now, push into those folds that you've just made and they should collapse. Take about 1/4th of the length of each side and fold it towards the centre, making creases. Take the bottom vertex and fold it upwards before turning the right and left sides towards the centre. This will make the entire design 3D, instead of mere 2D.

Once you get to this point, just push in the sides towards the middle and fold up in a valley fold. That will immediately create the flap that will stand straight up. Squash fold the flap, make a petal fold by lining up the centre-flaps carefully and fold the right-flap up. At this point, you will need a reverse fold to flatten the entire layer.

Fold that same flap upwards before opening it slightly to be able to pull the inside flap to the outside. Repeat the last few steps for the other side and you will end up with the Yoda Origami sculpture's arms.

Fold down the top flaps and you are ready to work on the details of the face. The main feature of the Yoda Origami sculpture is that it is one of the most complicated and detailed paper sculptures you can find. The fan following that Yoda has demands that the sculpture be as close to the real thing as possible.

If you choose this sculpture, then make sure that you have the time and patience needed to tackle something of this nature. Whether you choose to add in the entire face with the details, or simply want to make a simpler version that resembles the master Jedi, you will find that your days will be filled with Star Wars magic and the Yoda Origami sculpture.

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