Watercolour Paints

Important Self-Help Tips to Improve your Skill!

Watercolour paints offer diverse ways of producing a painting of some calibre, all it takes is a little imagination and skill, and some dexterity with the watercolour paints themselves. Wonderful paintings can be achieved in a wide range of subjects such as portraits, landscapes, fantasy pictures etc and within each of these, the watercolour paints can be used to enhance the subject.

Before you even get started and purchase lots of professional standard watercolour paints, read the following:

- When using watercolour paints, the message is practice, practice, practice. This is the only way that you will be able to learn the various techniques required to produce a good painting.

- Understand your limitations and do not expect immediate wonderful results.

- Just enjoy the feeling of using watercolour paints. Let your creativity pour from you. It doesn't matter what the end result is, just have fun with it.

- Buy student quality paints initially and then practice mixing colours so that you can understand how to get your required shades. This will make it a lot easier for when you have an important painting in front of you.

- Because watercolours are transparent, you cannot just hide mistakes by adding additional layers; always have a good idea of what you are painting and why before you start. You will have fewer mistakes to encounter that way.

- Don't worry initially if your painting does not come out as you had planned. Once you have finished what you were doing, leave the paint alone.

- Buy some good watercolour paper. It is not that expensive but obviously more so than any type of art paper, but the benefits are great as the surfaces are textured which will help you, the artist to produce a good painting. Most artists have their favourite types of paper and they have found this out through trial and error.

These self-help tips are designed to get you off to a good start but the best way of learning to use watercolour paints is to have fun and practice as often as possible.

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