Understanding Wood Carving Tools

To enjoy the hobby of wood carving, understanding wood carving tools is extremely important. If you don't know how to handle your tools, use them to their potential and maintain them, you will find that they will not serve you as well as they would if you knew the details. Any experienced wood carver will tell you that understanding wood carving tools is key to everything - from buying the right kind of tools to making sure that they last the distance.

While it might not be that hard to start off in the hobby, with some general purpose tools being capable of doing the job. However, most wood carvers will tell you to stay away from the pre-packaged tool-sets. They tend to be the cheapest quality because they are generally mass manufactured. You will find it hard to stay on top of your hobby with something that's mass-produced.

Buying your Wood Carving Tools

The best place to buy your tools is, of course, a specialist wood-work store or even through mail-order catalogues. Some of the Swiss-made tools, by Pfeil, are considered to be the best tools around the world and from the most experienced wood-workers to the newest entrants, there is something special for everyone. These tools are generally smaller than anything else that you might find, lighter and you will be able to feel the difference in the quality of the materials used as well as the manufacturing quality.

If you know an experienced wood carving hobbyist, then you might even considering buying second-hand tools. These hobbyists have great understanding of wood carving tools and will also have a few spare tools lying around that they might be happy to off-load. Otherwise, you can always head down to a flea-market where someone might be selling old tools. Always make sure that you are aware of the market-rates of the tools you are going to buy, ensuring that you get a good price on what you buy. Amongst the older tools, you will find companies like the Herring Bros. and Addis as top manufacturers. They are old companies, out of business, but their tools were a class-apart and a well-maintained tool will still deliver on all fronts.

Home-made Wood Carving Tools

Understanding wood carving tools and combining it with a knowledge of machining then you can make some fantastic home-made tools. For many years, tools were made at home and even today, they are considered a prized-catch provided they have been manufactured well. You will find a lot of hand-made tools in flea markets and second-hand tool stores but the best part is that you can find plenty of instructions online, to make your own tools at home.

You can buy a lot of tool-making books that will tell you everything you need to know about making those wood carving tools at home. You can also join one of the many courses that are happening all around, giving you the option of making your own tools under the guidance of some experienced tool-makers. The best part about making tools at home is that if you have a good understanding of wood carving tools, then you will be able to make all those finer adjustments to your tools and customize them to your own needs.

Your First Tool-Box

By understanding wood carving tools well, you will be able to create that perfect tool box for yourself and prepare your work area for a comfortable & simple time with your hobby. You need to start with some straight gouges and V-parting tools while a fishtail & spoon gouge or two will also help you to no ends. The tool you are likely to find yourself using the most is the straight gouge.

It is used quite extensively in making sectional or sweeping cuts while detailing is also one of the key capabilities of this tool. If you put a high section on the gouge, you will end up creating something called a veiner. Your V-parting tool will be ideal when defining separate areas for carving while fishtails give you the perfect view of your subject, when carving, thanks to their flare-out shapes. That means, you can use them to get into tight spaces and get the right kinds of cuts in tight spots.

Spoon gouges get you those deep curves while the flat section chisels are more likely to be used by those who carve in straight lines. Letter-carvers tend to use them a lot more than the average wood-carver.

Your capability in any hobby is determined by your ability to wield the right tools in the right way. Understanding wood carving tools will help you master this simple and fun hobby without having the worry about technicalities. The more you know your tools, the better you will be at using them. Your wood carving hobby can hit new heights if you take the time required for understanding wood carving tools before using them!

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