Toy Robots For Children

Toy robots for children are one of the most popular ideas for birthday gifts, or gifts for any occasion for that matter. Over the years, toy robots for children have become extremely advanced, capable of realistic motion, responses and actions. There is very little that these toy robots for children cannot do, especially if you look at the more high-end robots.

Remote Controlled toy robots, in particular, are a great buy, as they are easy to use, come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes and also improve your child's motor skills. Some toy robots for children come with artificial intelligence personalities that communicate with the child, improving verbal skills, and also keeping them engaged for hours.

If you are looking for toy robots for very young children, then opt for colorful robots, with lots of shiny lights, and exaggerated actions. This will keep the younger kids entertained, without proving too complicated. Some good examples are Just Kidz Cosmic Robot, Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and more. The Zhu Zhu pet hamsters are suitable for kids over the age of 4, and apart from running around in mazes, they also drive their own cars and even park them. If hamsters are not what you are looking for, then how about a cat. FurReal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin' Kitty Cat is an adorable cat robot that rolls over, purrs and even licks itself.

For older kids, especially little boys, the Transformers Robot Fighters are a good range. With the movies creating quite a buzz, these toy robots are popular gifts for children. Other great options for toy robots for children include Wow Wee Robopanda robot, or the more intelligent Wow Wee 8043 Mr. Personality, or best of all a Wall - E RC robot.

Most of these robots cost anywhere between $20 to $200, and going a bit further will take you into the realm of the artificially intelligent robots. Some great examples are RoboSapien, Roboraptor or Roboreptile. Capable of realistic and advanced movement, these robots are controlled by remote control, and respond to external stimuli, such as sound and touch. You can even let these little marvels roam around the house freely, interacting with things, all by themselves. These are sure to keep your kids occupied for several days.

When choosing toy robots for children, the most important thing is to make sure it is age-appropriate. RC robots can get highly complicated, with many small parts, all of which can be difficult handle for a child. Apart from Ready-to-Run robots, you can also opt to buy your kids RC robot kits. These are not just toys, but can be great educational tools as well. Websites such as, and provide kits as well as RTR toys online.

Do some research before you invest in a kit, and always assemble the robots personally once, before you let the kids have it. Visit online stores, or your local hobby stores to conduct a survey on the available RC robots. Ask store staff for suggestions and advice when picking up a RC robot for a child. A little research will help you get the best deals, and ensure you get the perfect toy robots for children, within your budget.

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