Start Wood Carving

If you are looking for a hobby that allows you to express your creativity but also involves some light to medium hand-work with tools, then you need to start wood carving. Wood carving is a hobby that doesn't take much to start on and you don't even need too much investment in terms of space or equipment. You can start wood carving with nothing but a simple knife, a bit of wood and a whole lot of desire to do something incredible.

There is no age at which you can start wood carving - children as young as 10- to 11-years have been known to take up this hobby without any problems. You need just a few simple skills like a bit of patience & a bit of hand-eye coordination and you are all set to go. Just get the tools and you are all ready to start wood carving. However, there is something that you will need to pick before you get started - that is the style of wood carving you'd want to go down.

Whittling Style

The oldest and the most popular style of wood carving, whittling is about using a simple carving knife to create a wooden statue where the knife strokes are visible. The carving does not have any kind of rounded or smooth surface and there are a lot of straight lines and sharp contours. Generally, you do not use any paint and let the natural look of the wood take the glory. However, it isn't uncommon to see some painted pieces.

When you are trying to start wood carving, there is nothing better than whittling because all you need is a simple carving knife or a specialized whittling knife - neither of which is very hard to get a hold of. You can try out your carving skills on soap to begin with and it's extremely easy for you to get started on. There are plenty of books and classes you can join and once you are there, you are likely to find a lot of ways to improve upon your skills.

Round Wood Carving

When you are carving out the piece of wood with a nice, realistic finish, you are likely to get a rounded-finish that is basically the essence of carving wood in the round. You can pick any subject, from human beings to animals or even cars. The carving can be of any size even - life-size or a scaled-down version of it. However, the most important bit is to ensure that you get all the shapes and the curves right.

Almost any subject that you pick is likely to have a few curves on it. Capturing those curves on wood is the most common reason for people to start wood carving in the round. It is one of the most interesting ways to make your carving look gorgeous, irrespective of whether you leave it in its natural state or paint over it. Depending on the size of the wood block you plan to start work on, you can choose between precision hand tools, small power tools or bigger power tools. Mostly, your tool box will contain a set of knives and chisels, which is good enough for any plans you might have.

Relief Wood Carving

This is, relatively, the simplest form of wood carving that you'd come across and is quite popular amongst those who start wood carving with the intention of pursuing it as a hobby. You take a slab of wood and start carving on it such that the back remains flat. Unlike the other forms of wood carving, relief wood carving is relatively flat and 2-dimensional, while others are always, at least, three dimensional. That said, there is a sense of depth to relief work as well, so it's not always completely flat.

You will need a basic set of carving tools to get started and with that, you can start practicing your way until you get the concepts right. The final product, once ready, is perfect for your tables or shelves, or just to be hung up on the wall.

Chip Carving

In terms of the number of tools required, chip wood carving is the simplest forms of all, and is also another great place to start wood carving from. All you need are a few knives that will be used to remove a few chips of wood from the entire piece that you have below. Something like carving your name on a tree trunk is an example of chip carving, with the difference being that you normally have some surface on which you make these cuts. You can use any kind of shapes, cut out alphabets or designs, using nothing but any sharp knives that will go through the wood.

For those who are looking to start wood carving, there is never any dearth of options to pick from. You have so many different styles, so many different budgets and so many simple concepts to fit your requirements, that everyone can find something that will work. The resources are aplenty and there you don't really need much to start wood carving, so what are you waiting for?

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