Start Preserving Flowers

If you want to start preserving flowers at home as a hobby, then you need to find yourself the right equipment and, more importantly, pick up the right kind of knowledge before you can get started. Preserving flowers is not a new thing and has been around for centuries, going as far back as the Egyptians who put these flowers in the tombs of their pharaohs. While for them, it may have been a part of tradition and culture but today, the art form is used either as a form of beautification for your home or, maybe, even a way to spend your spare time doing something constructive.

To start preserving flowers, you need very little equipment if you so choose and if you do the first bit well, of gathering the materials required to get through the process, then you will find it pretty plain sailing from that point forth. The instructions are quite simple and if you are working your way into the hobby for the first time, then this will surely encourage you to keep going forward.

Gathering Flowers to Preserve

As far as preserving flowers is concerned, the early bird gets the, well, best flowers. The best time to pick out the flowers you need is right in the morning, but after the natural air and heat of the Sun has dried up the dew. Don't think about waiting until late afternoon because then the entire flower will be too dry. Go too early and the moisture of the dew drops will destroy your efforts. Wipe off the dew yourself and not only do you stand a chance of damaging the flowers, you can, potentially, also leave behind unnatural trails of water and other impurities that might destroy your work.

If there is too much moisture in your flower, you will be able to see it immediately, in and around the flower. These may, after the preservation process, get mouldy and ruin your work. If you are cutting the flower with the stem, then you need to put those stems into water almost immediately. If there are any small blemishes in the flower you are picking, leave it! Everything will become magnified after the drying process so make sure that you have pieces that have no imperfections on them, at least visibly.

Finally, always pick up more things than you would normally need, when you start preserving flowers. The thing is, not only does picking more flowers than you need allow you to make mistakes and learn from them, it also allows you to try out a variety of techniques that will push your flower preservation hobby along faster than normal. Also, make sure that you are authorized to pick up these flowers from the location you have chosen. Do not trespass on public or private property because that can get you into trouble, if you don't have the right permissions.

Preserving Flowers by Hanging

The process of hanging flowers until they are dry, is one of the oldest and the best known ways to start preserving flowers at home. Most of us will be able to find a hot and well-ventilated space for drying flowers, in our home or workplace, and that is all you need. Tie a rope across the room and you are ready to begin. Start by removing the leaves and dividing the flowers into small bunches. Tie these bunches together, making sure that you aren't overcrowding them, and tie them onto the rope running across the room. If that's not possible, tie them onto a nail driven into the wall, but make sure that the flower heads are all facing downwards, when you do so.

Then, all you need to do is leave them hanging there for a few weeks and slowly, the air will dry the plant out and take the moisture out of it, and out of the ventilated room as well. Usually, this will depend on the size of the flowers and if you are using big flowers, then make sure you hang them individually. There should be enough room for air circulation through those flowers, without blocking off supply to each other. Now, you will also find out, through experience, that some flowers will need to be plucked when they are still in the bud stages. The residue moisture and food in their steams will help them grow out and turn into flowers. While in other cases, you may need to pick mature flowers that are in their prime.

If you take care of these small things and make sure that you have the right kind of place, which you can even create by installing a dehumidifier if required, then you will find that the hobby of preserving flowers is not that difficult, although the pleasure you derive, when you start preserving flowers, is quite unbeatable!

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