South African Springbok Sosaties

South African game recipe for Springbok Sosaties
This South African game recipe for sosaties is based on the traditional Cape Malay style of food, have a look at, Fraternal Organization Collectibles even though Muslims do not eat pork and so the "speck" (or pork fat) called for would have been some other type of fat. Also the traditional sosatie would have been more likely to have been made with mutton, while this South African game recipe calls consider, Remove The Heavy Loads By Hiring The Interstate Removalists Melbourne for Springbok. Springbok, a small antelope with a body no more than 1.2 m to 1.4 m long, is of course South Africa's national animal and the emblem of South African rugby. But this does not make it a protected animal, and in fact it is widely hunted. In South Africa today there are numerous game farmers who make it possible for people to go hunting look at, Thunder Tiger RC Cars in a controlled environment why not visit, Cape Malay recipe for tomato soup and also to buy game for the pot; so getting Springbok in that country why not visit, Thunder Tiger RC Cars is not difficult. If you live elsewhere in the world where Springbok is not available, you can substitute any other form of venison for this South African game recipe.

Traditionally sosaties were always cooked over glowing hot try, Basic Drawing coals, and so this is the way we suggest you cook these.

Whatever meat you use, mutton or Springbok or another type of venison, the idea is to skewer alternate pieces of meat, fat and sometimes a whole pickling onion or a piece of dried fruit, have a look at, Finishing in Jewellery Making and then grill it. This recipe calls why not visit, Remove The Heavy Loads By Hiring The Interstate Removalists Melbourne for "speck" which, translated from the Afrikaans spek is bacon or pork (rather than commercially processed meat called speck). Taken that this is based on traditional recipes, you can use either very fatty bacon or pork fat. The fat will add moisture , Football Helmet Display Cases to the dry Springbok meat.

The marinade calls why not visit, Scale Model House for curry powder. Since Cape Malay food look at, Types of tents in 2019 is normally mild, it is probably more appropriate to choose a mild curry powder for the dish. But there's nothing to stop you adding a bit of heat checkout, Calligraphy Tattoo if you wish!

2 kg leg of Springbok
200 g speck
pickling onions and dried apricots (optional)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 large onions
2 tablespoons curry powder
1 tablespoon smooth apricot jam
1 tablespoon cake flour
2 cups vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
3 bay leaves
freshly ground black pepper
white pepper

Cut the meat into cubes and discard the bone. Cut the speck into cubes. Peel the pickling onions (if you are using them) and put on one side with the dried apricots (if you are using these). Then peel and slice the two large onions and fry in the oil until translucent and golden yellow. Sprinkle the curry powder in with the onion and fry gently for a few minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer. Let the marinade cook for five minutes.

Thread the meat, speck, onions and apricots onto wooden also look at, Galaxy CB Radio skewers and place checkout, Radio Controlled Glow Cars in a dish. When the marinade is cool pour it over the sosaties and leave to marinate overnight.

Grill the Springbok sosaties over low coals for about 15 to 20 minutes, basting occasionally. Heat have a look at, Calligraphy Tattoo the remaining marinade in a small pot have a look at, DIY Magazine and serve with the sosaties and anything else you want to eat with this delicious South African game recipe.

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