South African garlic venison

South African game recipe for garlic venison
Any sort of game or venison may be used for this South African game recipe that is packed with flavoursome garlic. Springbok is perfect for this South African game recipe, but you can substitute kudu or any other buck or deer you can find where you live. It is a dish that is full of flavour and so this South African game recipe may be served with a simple green also see, Diecast Display Cases salad and boiled samp which is a traditional African dish.

Samp is made from dried corn consider, Digital Camera Reviews kernels that are stamped and chopped rather than finely-ground like mealie meal that is used for traditional pap, another traditional African dish. Samp is commonly served with beans, while pap is commonly served with wors or other meat cooked over the BBQ.

This recipe calls also look at, South African game recipe for venison with a German flavour for the garlic venison to be cooked in a cast iron potjie over the coals of an open fire. look at, Trainspotting You could also cook it in a pot also see, Official Rubber Stamps on the stove. Similarly the samp may be cooked in either.

3 kg leg of Springbok or other game meat
1 kg spek (pork fat or fatty bacon)
2 kg sweet potatoes
1 head of garlic
1 cup soya sauce
ground black pepper
½ undiluted apricot juice
salt (if the soy sauce is not salty enough for your taste)

Cut the meat into cubes and discard the bone. Cut the spek into cubes. Peel and chop the garlic.

Heat the potjie over hot also look at, Family Tree Ancestry coals and then brown the venison and spek. Let it cook slowly for about half an hour. Peel and slice the sweet potatoes just before you need it, to prevent the vegetable , 5 Crucial User Interface Layout Tips for Mobile App Developers from going black.

Add the sweet potato without adding any more coals under the pot. look at, Family Tree Ancestry This will have the effect of reducing the cooking heat. checkout, Model Car Display Cases There should be sufficient meat juices to simmer the potato for half an hour. Generally it cooks more quickly than ordinary potato. After 30 minutes add the rest of the ingredients and leave to simmer until the meat and sweet potato are cooked.

Serve your garlic venison with samp that has been soaked overnight and then simmered for two hours in salted water try, Model Car Display Cases - either in a pot look at, Knitting on the stove or in a potjie. That's all you need with this straightforward South African game recipe.

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