South African BBQ Recipes

We all know about barbecues and the great Australian Barbie. But only South Africans can differentiate between a BBQ and the great SA braai (or braaivleis)! While all barbecues have a lot in common, we have decided to share some great South African BBQ recipes with you so that you can test for yourselves checkout, DIY Bathroom Repair whether this statement is in fact true. A braai is of course the South African word for barbecue, and so South African BBQ recipes are what it takes to make an SA braai special. But it doesn't matter where in the world you live, you too can use the South African BBQ recipes we have collected for you to serve up for your family , Professional Plumbing Services and friends. ENJOY!

In South Africa there is a school of thought that believes that the braai is a uniquely South African institution. To understand the concept, you need to know that an Afrikaans : English dictionary (braai being an Afrikaans word) defines this word as roast, fry, grill or scorch! This is of course all possible when cooking over the coals outside. also see, Orissa Crab Curry The dictionary also defines a couple of other related words including braaivleis which means to roast meat (vleis is meat); and braaivleisaand which is loosely translated as a "braaivleis" or social barbecue.

Trying desperately to read between the lines you will probably be wondering what could possibly be different between a good old Aussie Barbie and a traditional South African braai. While every BBQ has common factors, there are some really great traditional and contemporary South African BBQ recipes that we have dug up. These range from cooking good old boerewors (or farmer's sausage) over the coals, to cooking stews in a traditional African pot consider, Photo Collages to produce what is affectionately known as potjiekos (pot food).

We have also found some great spit-roast recipes and recipes that you can use to BBQ fresh fish. consider, Amateur Astronomy You can make your own bread on the Barbie using the traditional African pot, , Magic Trick and even create some really great puds.

There's something for everyone, so light checkout, CB Radio Shops your fire also look at, Whisks in Jewellery Making and get started with some of the very best South African BBQ recipes.

BBQ recipe Fish Braai

    BBQ recipe Soutribbetjie

      South African BBQ Boerewors

        South African BBQ breakfast

          South African BBQ carpetbagger steaks

            South African BBQ chicken and veg

              South African BBQ Cool Open-fire Fondue

                South African BBQ curried lamb chops

                  South African BBQ fruity chicken

                    South African BBQ kebab snacks

                      South African BBQ lamb and lentils

                        South African BBQ marinated lamb chops

                          South African BBQ Pap

                            South African BBQ pork and figs

                              South African BBQ pot bread

                                South African BBQ red meat

                                  South African BBQ Sosaties

                                    South African BBQ waterblommetjie potjie

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