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Shape Collage is a type of collage, made out of materials cut out in specific geometric shapes. Though, it is not necessary to cut out all the raw materials such as paper, picture and photograph into similar shapes, the main intention is to maintain a symmetry in the final shape collage. You can prepare a shape collage using random shapes as well, such as of alphabets or figures of animals, birds as well as inanimate things.

To prepare a shape collage, begin by deciding on the final form of your collage. Browse through the internet for inspiration, wherein you can go through works by artists. After deciding, start collecting paper of different colors and texture, pictures and paintings, or any other object that you wish to add to your collage and cut them out in proper shapes such as rectangle, square, oval or figures of creatures, symbols, words or hearts. If you have chosen three dimensional objects to make your collage, you will need special tools to shape them, according to the material they are made of. After collecting all the collage ingredients, you will need to decide on the base of the collage, which can also be shaped differently to make your shape collage look innovative. After deciding on the outline of your shape collage, place the cuttings, or objects, on your base and paste them according to the design. After keeping your art aside to dry, seek out some creative ideas to further decorate your collage.

If you don't want to engage yourself into the effort of making a hand-made shape college, the easier way is to take refuge with photo editing software. Download or buy a collage making software such as Life Poster Maker, FotoFusion 3.0, Adobe Photoshop, Wondershare Photo Collage Studio, PhotoVisi and PicArtia. After choosing a perfect template for your shape collage, drag and drop the pictures and photographs you want to consolidate on your template. With the aid of software tools, shape the pictures and photographs to fit the design you have chosen. You can even blur the edges of the pictures or give a three dimensional look to your shape collage to make it look better. It is important to set a proper resolution and choose good collage papers for printing your shape collage. Remember that a collage made online can only be printed out on a paper, making it two dimensional.

Apart from this, you can search the internet for Shape Collage, a useful sotware for making shape collages and download it for your assistance. Moreover, you can even use Shape Collage Online, a free online service to prepare shape collages by selecting and shaping pictures from anywhere on the web. Surprise your friends and family by instantly sending out your shape collage via email.

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