Seamless Bead Knitting

Seamless and bead knitting are two forms of the craft that have swept in a new wave into this age-old hobby. While neither format is completely unique and have been around for a long time, both seamless and bead knitting have really come into their own in this era. If you love making garments like sweaters or cardigans, then the seamless knitting technique will really open your eyes onto a brilliant new world. For those who are looking to add more oomph to their designs, beads will surely give you a new angle.

Here's a deeper look at these two techniques and how they will change the way you look at this wonderful world of knitting.

Seamless Knitting

For many years, seams have been considered as the parts of the garment that give it strength and stability. However, as new materials have come in, knitters have experimented with techniques and out came seamless knitting - a format that keeps all the strength and stability of regular knitting techniques but doesn't leave behind any seams on the garment. They are a wonderful variation to regular knitting and also have a lot of advantages such as:

There is little or no finishing required for seamless stitches. All you need to do, to finish things off, is weave the ends in and that's it - no more long seams to finish off the design
When you are working on round garments or the round part of garments, you don't need to worry about the front because any side can be made into the front. There's absolutely no need to read the lace-work or re-fix something you've already made because it wasn't done straight
You can show off some cool designs with patterns that start out on different parts of the garment, like the back even, and come out all the way around without the pattern being broken up by seams
If and when you use a nice flexible fabric, you end up creating something special because your clothes fit around the neck and shoulders, especially in the case of sweaters or cardigans, with a lot of finesse
Finally, these seamless patterns do not require you to change your needle-sizes or move things around because everything is just in one single swoop. They are easy to knit and since there's no front or back, easy to wear too!

For people who want to save time while knitting but still want to create something special, there is the world of seamless knitting. The possibilities and options are as wide as regular knitting formats but the smallest difference, of not including seams, really makes a huge change to the way the garment is put together as well as to the way the final product looks.

Bead Knitting

Bead knitting is another specialized form of knitting wherein you use beads by stringing them onto the knitting thread. The beads are an integral part of the yarn or fabric you are using and, therefore, also become an integral part of the garment once it has been put together. There is a simple process that changes the knitting technique, only slightly though, but this gives the garment a brilliant look at the end.

To knit with beads, all you need to do is use the bead-ridden yarn as you would normally knit, and then each time you encounter a bead, you simply slide it forward and knit it into place with a stitch. To be honest, this technique has been around for ages and, today, is something that has resulted from years of practice and perfection.

Bead knitting isn't just used to add detail to an existing garment design, it also helps in making patterns based on charts or graphs. It is versatile enough to be used on sweaters or shawls and even bags or hats. Depending on the kind of bead you are using, you can get a fantastic array of effects when knitting.

Stringing is the most common form of bead knitting where you take some yarn with beads on them, clasp them together from two ends and create a string with beads on it. That is how you make a simple bracelet or a necklace. Wireworking is a format where the same "stringing" concept has been taken onto a wire and used to create jewellery. While you may think that this doesn't really constitute knitting as such, the fact is, it does involve using fabric or yarn to create pieces that you can wear.

You can also combine beaded yarn with some regular versions to create some of the most amazing designs you will ever see. There are plenty of variations that can be brought into this format, which makes both seamless and bead knitting quite interesting. Whether you are using both or trying to simply find something new to keep things fun, seamless and bead knitting are the best things you can try.

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