Sand Castle Building Tricks

Sand Castle Building Tricks have been developed, refined and perfected over the centuries to ensure that every day at the beach is a lot more than just the Sun and the sand. Many people have spent hours getting tanned under the Sun, working their way through mounds of sand and building some of the best sand castles that you will ever see. These people, many of them professionals even, have developed these sand castle building tricks that will make it very easy for you to go out there and start building some exceptional sand models.

Some Basic Sand Castle Building Tips

There are a wide range of tips and tricks that can help make your hobby a lot better and while some of them are aimed at aiding your sand castle's design, others are about health and safety. The first thing to remember, especially if young children are involved, is to use a small shovel to scoop sand out of a pail, rather than using hands. Even when smoothening the surface of the sand, using a spatula is always better and smoother than using hands.

Moreover, children won't need to worry about hurting themselves on small pebbles or shells that may be hidden in the sand. They can simply use the shovel or spatula to work with the sand. While this is about safety, maintaining that perfect look on your beautiful sand castle requires you to do another thing - blow off the excess sand. If there is loose sand depositing around your edges and sides, all you need is a straw. You can use a regular drinking straw to blow air at your creation and remove loose sand from it.

If you are working on flat surfaces, you might even want to give a paintbrush a go. Ideally, it needs to be quite soft to prevent damage to the surface, even then you will need to be careful about it. One of the biggest problems that people face when working with sand castles is that the sand begins to dry up. If you are facing this issue, then one of the handiest sand castle building tips is to keep a tiny spray bottle with you. It's always easier to re-fill your spraying bottle than to re-start construction from scratch or finish your work before the sand dries. Of course, the spray needs to send out a soft mist of moisture rather than a large or harsh line of water.

Some Interesting Sand Castle Building Tips

One of the hardest things to do in sand castle building is to make your castle different from everyone else's. On the same beach, sand will be the same for everyone but if you are trying to make your castle a bit different from others' then you can look around for some natural decorative items for your castle. Look around for sea-shells of different colours or seaweed even, while birds' feathers and rocks in many colours can also become a great way for you to decorate your sand castle.

You can also bring along some colourful things like popsicle sticks or Styrofoam cups but make sure you don't litter when you leave that place. All unnatural elements that are used in your sand castle building process need to be disposed off appropriately. Then there's the sand itself - you will find that working with extremely wet sand is usually the best way to work towards building a sand castle. You need to keep working as quickly as possible so make sure you have a plan before you start off.

If you've seen one of those major cake-making television shows where they pile up huge blocks of cakes before carving into them, then that's what you need to do. To build any structure, you need to place the sand in mounds, wide & long enough to make sure that you can carve away to the final piece that you are planning for. The entire piece needs to be planned out in detail, before you begin, so that you know exactly what to do, where and when.

Another important sand castle building tip is to start working from the top and head downwards. What this does is it allows lose sand to fill up or destroy areas that you've already worked on. That means, you won't have to worry about messing up what you have accomplished, as it stays out of sight.

If you are heading out to the beach with the intention of building sand castles, then you need to know these sand castle building tips and more, to help you make the most of your day. Just as long as you have enough variety in terms of your tools and just as long as you are aware of these sand castle building tips, you should be good to go ahead and build sand castles!

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