Rubber Stamping Designs

There are large numbers of rubber stamping designs that people have made or collected as part of this hobby. Whether you are interested in making rubber stamps in your workshop or just scour through old garage sales and flea markets, there are different kinds of rubber stamping designs that keep your hobby fresh and exciting every single day. Once you dip your hands into the vast universe that is rubber stamping designs, you will never want to leave!

Designs are the essence of rubber stamps and the value of a stamp is not just determined by its age and quality of make, the design also has a major say in it. These designs can be based on anything and most often, they are based on simple things that we see or experience in everyday life - like animals or emotions (like love symbols, friendship symbols, etc.). However, if you have something special in terms of the kind of detail there is on a rubber stamp, then you can really get top dollar for your little piece.

Picking your Rubber Stamping Designs

If you are involved in making rubber stamps, then you can start off by getting one of the many stamp-design books available in regular book stores as well as hobby stores. Hobby stores also carry everything you need to make your rubber stamping designs, including the tools. Anything that you cannot find is always available in hardware stores, so you will never have to worry about anything in the tools' department. That said, all the tools are fairly common and simple, with many things being available right at home.

There are so many designs, even a single book can last you a really long time depending on how much time you devote to your hobby. As you keep practicing on rubber stamping designs that you find in books, you will slowly come to a point where you will gain the skill and confidence to try out your own designs. That is when you start dwelling into the creative aspects of the hobby and that is when you will find yourself in the middle of the limitless world that is rubber stamping designs. With freedom to express yourself and the ability to add as much detail to it as you could possibly want, this is one hobby where you slowly make a transition from the technical side to the creative, and then never look back again.

Many people, in order to make the hobby a profession, turn to making rubber stamps for others, in exchange for money. This process is nothing but a way, for these hobbyists, to continue practicing their hobby, buy new materials and even earn some money doing it. After all, if there is some way of earning money through an existing hobby, then why not?

Collecting Rubber Stamping Designs

Rubber stamps and rubber stamping designs are two completely different and unique things. Rubber stamps are used to make impressions on the surface you are trying to mark while rubber stamping designs can be of two kinds - it can be that part of a rubber stamp that has the design or it can be the mould that is used to make the rubber designs, which are then attached to the wooden or plastic base/handle of the stamp. When you are involved in collecting rubber stamping designs, you are basically thinking of the design itself and not what the design is placed on.

The best place to find these rubber stamping designs is in garage sales or in some flea markets. Some people tend to have old stamps lying around the house at all times, especially from the pre-1950s era, if at all. When they decide to give away these seemingly worthless items, your collection can get that little boost it needs. In many cases, you might even find rare rubber stamping designs in these places - things that might not be available otherwise. So make sure you keep your eyes wide open when you are passing by such places - you never know what you can pick up from where!

Making Rubber Stamping Designs

When it comes to making these designs, the concepts are exactly the same - you can either make the rubber-parts of the stamp itself, or you can make a mould. There are many people who like doing things the old way, where you would make a mould before making a stamp. This process, however, was used mostly because they wouldn't need too many different designs and these moulds, once made, could be re-used if required. What's more, these moulds would also become the stamp-holders of sort, considering that the stamps fit into them perfectly.

The other way is to simply get a rubber strip of certain thickness and carve out relief-work on it. The thing to remember here is that once you draw your design on the stamp, you need to cut around the design such that the design you made stays at original thickness while everything around it is of lesser thickness. It sounds simpler than it is and as you keep moving into the world of rubber stamping designs, you will realise the intricacies of these simple-sounding process and the complexities behind the art of cutting out shapes to get the kind of rubber stamping designs you want.

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