Remote Control Bike

The Remote Control Bike is one of the most exciting radio or remote controlled toy or model you can buy in stores today. Almost every child and adult loves the idea of riding a glorious motorcycle for all the charm and romance it portrays. Most even go out and buy their dream-machines if they can afford them. However, for those who can't as well as for those who enjoy the RC world, the Remote Control Bike is a brilliant alternative.

The evolution of the Remote Control Bike has been nothing like that of the RC car or plane. RC cars and planes, and even boats for that matter, had a rapid evolution process that was aided by the fact that most of them had interchangeable parts in the form of engines, chassis, etc. So, if you had a chassis for one car, you could easily build a hundred different kinds of RC cars from that same part, instead of building something new for each.

The mere shape of the upper body could become the basis of differentiating between different cars, while the innards remained the same. However, the Remote Control Bike was not so lucky. The shape of a bike, its parts and the limitation of space meant that if someone really wanted to manufacture them, they would need to create a brand new set of parts, which would require a brand new set of manufacturing equipment and, therefore, require refitting of the manufacturing facility.

That put a wedge into the evolution process of the Remote Control Bike!

It all began with the wired Remote Control Bike
Like its cousin, the remote controlled car, a Remote Control Bike also came out with a wired-version to kick things off. It was exactly the same as the car, with a long (if you were lucky) wire attached to a model that came with, either, massive tyres to provide balance, or, with ridiculous trainer-wheels to keep things upright. Either ways, the bike was made of cheap plastic and the quality of the build as well as the limitations of the distance it could travel were factors that led to its downfall.

Now, you might wonder why such features led to its downfall considering that RC cars went through the same cycle. The fact is, the wired Remote Control Bike came out at a time when radio controlled cars were all the rage. So, the invention of the wired Remote Control Bike, which came late merely due to manufacturing limitations, meant that the world had already moved ahead and these bikes took a giant step-backwards.

Things improved with the Infrared Remote Control Bike
Evolution came but slowly! The wired version of the Remote Control Bike gave way to the Infrared version but once again, the rate of evolution came back to haunt these models. While the rest of the radio controlled genres were focussing on breaking the barriers of performance, the Remote Control Bike was still learning to run on two-wheels. Designs were still tacky and if anything, the make was still nowhere close to what the RC Cars provided at the time. Cheap stickers and plastic dominated the style and that, for an RC lover, was just not good enough!

They had grown accustomed to a better class of product and these Remote Control Bikes were just not able to live up to the billing. Manufacturers understood that there was a demand for these bikes but the quality of production and manufacturing was putting customers off. However, there were some who decided to take the leap and head into the radio controlled world.

Crossing the final Hurdle with a Remote Control Bike
It had to come eventually, and manufacturers finally decided to take the leap and created radio controlled versions of the Remote Control Bike. That was the precursor to the storm that would come in the field of design and styling because these Remote Control Bikes became the rage of the town and people started buying regular models from stores and made bodies of their own to mount on the chassis.

If hobbyists could do it, so could manufacturers and then came the "arms-race" in the world of the Remote Control Bike. Designs were improved and, almost overnight, from being able to buy almost nothing, hobbyists suddenly had the option of buying from hundreds of different designs including dirt-bikes, super bikes, street-racers, replica models, street bikes, cruisers and more. Stores were filled with a variety of models to choose from, with manufacturers all over the world realizing how much hobbyists loved the Remote Control bike category.

Today, the emphasis has moved on, naturally, to the part on performance. Manufacturers are, once again, focussing on improving the quality and power that their Remote Control Bike can generate, knowing that customers are tweaking their models and making them better, faster and lighter. Parts are available in abundance and people can buy a top-of-the-line product and improve it further to enhance their experience.

It has been a rough ride for the Remote Control Bike, coming from behind, but today, technology is really making a difference as it's hitting warp-speed on its way to pulling level with other radio controlled models. If you really want to blow the neighbourhood away with your RC model, then its time you got yourself a Remote Control Bike!

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