Rc Robotics Terms

RC Robotics Terms Used
If you are thinking about getting into RC robotics than you will need to learn the different terms that are used with this sport. As far as weight classes these are the terms and weight in pounds and kilograms:

The heaviest robot is the super heavyweight which is 340 pounds or 154 kg. The following category is the heavyweight which is 220 pounds or 100 kg. Next is the middleweight at 120 pounds or 54 kg. The lightweight is a robot at 60 pounds or 27 kg. Featherweight is 30 pounds or 13.6 kg. BotsIQ mini class are robots 15 pounds or 6.80 kg. Hobbyweight robots are 12 pounds or 5.44 kg. Mantisweight is 6 pounds or 2.72 kg. Beetleweight comes in at 3 pounds or 1.36 kg. The kilobot comes in at 2.2 pounds or 1 kg. Antweight is 1 pound or 454 g. The antweight in the UK is 150 grams and is also known as fairyweight in other countries. Lastly, the lightest robot is in the fleaweight category at 75 g.

You will need to learn all of the remote control radio terminology. Such terms are as follows:

The best radio to use is the 2.4 GHz radio. These radios are easy to use. The 2.4 GHz radio does not need crystals.

It is best to avoid using an AM radio. The AM radio picks up way too much interference which will cause your robot to move unpredictably. Although the AM radio is cheap, in the long run you will be frustrated with it.

The channel is what your robot will need so you can control it. You will need a free channel for different parts of your robot. The magic number is usually three channels per robot although some robots need more depending on the individual robot type. The other robot you are battling should be on a different channel.

The crystals control which channel a radio works on. Crystals are in FM and PCM radios.

Do not have your radio (FM and PCM) on the same channel as the robot you are battling. If you are competing in a tournament you will need to bring along extra crystals to make sure there are enough so there is no interference with either of the robots.

FM radios are sometimes used with rc robotics. The FM radio is better than the AM radio when it comes to using rc robots, but definitely not as good as the PCM or the 2.4 GHz radio.

PCM radios are most commonly used in remote control airplanes and helicopters that are more costly. There may be nine channels in these radios that operate on FM frequencies.

When using the frequency in rc robotic competitions make sure that you use 27 MHz, 75 MHz or 2.4 G Hz as these are the legal frequency ranges.

You can learn more about how to build rc robotics online or with remote control robot books. You can also learn where in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom you can attend and participate in one of these exciting tournaments.

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