Rc Robot Manufacturers

RC Robot Manufacturers have significantly increased in number over the last decade. With introduction of newer technology and a spurt in demand, RC Robot Manufacturers are taking RC to a whole new level. Before purchasing a RC Robot, it is always a good idea to conduct a brief, but thorough, survey of all the RC Robot Manufacturers, and what they have to offer.

Some top RC Robot Manufacturers include MechRC, WowWee, Futaba, Hitec Robotics, Kondo and Megarobotics. These manufacturers specialize in RC Humanoid Robots, and can be quite heavy on the pocket. Prices for these RC Humanoids can go as high as $35,000, with the average robots costing between, $1500 to $2500. Considering the level of commitment these robots demand, it is better to learn a little about the manufacturers first.

Let's start with MechRC, which specializes in Humanoid Robots. Their RC Humanoids come with a wide range of accessories, including a control software which allows users to program in custom moves, and watch the robot perform these moves. You can also download your own audio into these robots and have them play it back in tune with the actions. All MechRC robots are easily extensible, allowing users the complete freedom to modify these robots. MechRC has global distribution network, which means that its products are just a click away. Power International in Japan and Trossen Robotics in North America are the major distributers. You can log on to the website, mechrc.com, to check out a more detailed list of distributers across the world.

Futaba is a popular RC Robot Manufacturer from Japan, who are known as the one of the first producers of Pulse Code Modulation type radio system, which gives greater control and more accuracy of motion. Apart from RC Robots, Futaba also provides training in Robotics, and is a well-known name in the world of RC Robotics. Unfortunately, Futaba is also the most expensive manufacturer of them all, with RC Humanoids costing as much as $35,000 or more.

Kondo Robots is another popular manufacturer of RC Robots, and deals through their distributor iXs Research Corp. Visit their website to get more information, though the site is in Japanese. Contacting iXs Corp through email is your best bet.

Another popular manufacturer, WowWee, is extremely popular for their RoboSapiens, the RoboRover, Femisapien and Mr. Personality, to name a few. While they are not strictly RC Robot manufacturers (they produce a wide range of other toys) their RC Robots are extremely popular. A visit to their website will give you a clear idea of the different models they offer. The website also offers a support section where you can find answers to frequently asked questions, create an open ticket or just call their customer service.

Apart from these RC Robot Manufacturers, there are hundreds of other manufacturers that sell cheaper and are less-complicated RC Robots. If you do not have a big budget, then visit websites such as eBay.com or hktdc.com, and go through the list of RC Robot Manufacturers. Do a survey of the models offered and their costs, and after you are satisfied with the results, make your choice amongst the various RC Robot Manufacturers.

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