Rc Quadrocopters

RC Quadrocopters are a new brand of RC helicopters that have stormed the market. A different design that's ideal for hovering, these Quadrocopters look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The design and flying capabilities of Quadrocopters are based on real-life flying machines that have been created by aviation companies around the world.

RC Quadrocopters are called so because they have four propellers attached to their body instead of the usual single main rotor & tail rotor, for a helicopter. Each of the four rotors provides lift and help provide a vertical take-off and landing feature, just as in helicopters.

RC Quadrocopters are not just used as hobby items, to play with, they are also used as un-manned aircraft by the armies and air forces of the world. However, they are a wonderful toy for people of all ages as well.

The way an RC Quadrocopters moves is simple - The two opposite pairs of RC Quadrocopters' rotors rotate in similar directions to each other, but opposite to the other pair. At the same speed, these rotors counter-balance each other's thrust and, therefore, help keep the model steady. However, when you give the command to move these RC Quadrocopters in a particular direction, there are slight changes in the rotor-rotation speeds and this enables one side's rotor to overpower its opposing partner. Thus things begin to move.

If you are looking for RC Quadrocopters, then you are in luck because these models are becoming extremely popular today. Available in different shapes and sizes, most Quadrocopters are designed like alien spacecrafts. The most popular use of Quadrocopters is as hover-cameras.

These RC Quadrocopters have the ability or space to hold small cameras that can transmit images over some distance. The military use for this capability is to create spy cameras, however unless you are planning to spy on your neighbours, there isn't much scope for that.

Buying models that are Ready-to-Fly is something that is quite popular, mainly because of the ease of use that they offer. These models are the most popular because these RC Quadrocopters are still not as popular as the regular RC helicopters that you might see.

However, with gaining popularity, extremely controllable models and highly simplified controls, these RC Quadrocopters are getting there fast! So much so that there are massive technology advancements in their radio controllers - I-Phones are being used as remote controllers for some RC Quadrocopters while in other cases, your hand can also be made to control these machines. Using Kinect's Xbox controller will allow you to use your hands and control the motion of these RC Quadrocopters.

Whether it is the technology that fascinates you, the design or the mere simplicity of the models - chances are that your encounter with these models will fascinate you. Don't be shy because you will always find something interesting when you dwell into the world of RC Quadrocopters.

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