Rc Mini Robots

RC Mini Robots, as the name suggests, are small-sized and light-weight robots that are mainly used as toys for children. Apart from this, RC Mini Robots are also popular as surveillance robots as their small size allows them to move about in tight spaces, especially indoors. Most RC Mini Robots are designed for children, and are simple in design and function.

These robots can be bought from a variety of places, such as the Internet, local hobby stores or even toy stores. Before you purchase any RC Mini Robots for yourself, it is best to do a little bit of research about them. This will help you make the right choices, and avoid any wastage of money or time. Let's start by looking at the different types of RC Mini Robots available. These types are divided based on their weights, and include ant-weight robots, flea-weight robots and beetle-weight robots. They vary from 150g to about 2kg.

Let's look at the ant-weight robots. These robots generally weigh less than 150 g and can even fit inside a four inch cube. Aimed at making RC Robots fun and affordable, these mini robots are an entertaining gift for any child. Buy a couple of them and create a little RC Mini Robot city, and watch your kids spend hours playing with these. Moving on, the flea-weight robots are smaller than the ant-weight robots and generally weigh around 75 grams. While these robots may not have earned the respect or recognition of the RFL, the Robot Fighting League, they are extremely agile and ideal for fun home-battles with friends.

Lastly, the beetle-weight robots, are the heaviest of the three types, with weights ranging from 1 to 2 kg. Now you cannot enter the RFL with these robots either, but once again, they can be interesting purchases for kids. Some of these RC Mini Robots have amazing functions and features, which not only increase complexity, but cost as well. Once you have decided on a particular type of RC Mini Robot that you wish to buy, do a survey on the Internet first, to make sure you have an idea about pricing and features. A little background information will ensure that you take home the best RC Mini Robots for your kids.

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