Rc Mini Robot

An RC mini robot is a small robot that can usually fit within the palm of a grown man's hand. Ideal for young children, novices and indoor play, an RC mini robot is cheap and the first choice of many hobbyists. Underestimate these RC mini robots at your own peril because despite their size, these toys pack a lot of punch.

An RC mini robot is built to a weight of around 150 gms to about 1.5kg. The weight of these robots has led to a comparison with insects - leading to names like Ant-weight robots, Flea-weight robots and Beetle-weight robots. The weight keeps increasing with the each variety, Beetle-weights being the heaviest.

An RC mini robot is not meant for serious hobbyists. It is built for only one thing - having fun! Despite their different shapes and sizes, an RC robot is only good for one thing - playing!

You don't need too much space to run an RC mini robot and that is the key selling point of these toys. Along with the size, the ease of operation makes them ideal for children of all ages. The size leads to a restriction in terms of the amount of functionalities that can be fed into them.

Most RC mini robots can only perform one of two functions, besides moving around. For e.g. there are RC mini robots that have been converted into cleaning robots. They are used to clean up dust or pick up tiny debris, like a vacuum robot. They are used on desktops and can make an, otherwise, mundane job quite interesting.

Similarly, you can also buy an RC mini robot that can do things like hold objects like pencils or pens, or even carry small things like business cards, erasers and the like. They can be moved around to bring those things to you, instead of you having to reach around on your desk.

However, if you are looking for an RC mini robot, chances are it isn't for their functionality. Most people tend to buy RC mini robots for their ease of use and flexibility of usage. They can be used indoors, outdoors, in tiny spaces and with complete freedom.

The restriction on functionality has meant that manufacturers have concentrated more on the design.

With models like the Zibits coming into the market, the RC mini robot design has moved beyond the conventional robot design-principles. At just 2 inches, these mini robots are smaller than the average mobile phone and cost just about $10. These models are flying off the shelves and are ideal for young children as well as adults who are looking for some no-nonsense fun-time.

Almost all RC mini robot models come in Ready-to-Run formats, meaning there is little that you need to do once you buy them. Simply plug in the batteries and you are ready to go. Their small size means that their batteries are available easily and can run for a considerable period.

If you are looking for something that is simple, easy to use and a whole lot of fun, then RC mini robots are the way to go. Available in almost all toy & hobby stores and extremely cheap, there is nothing that can beat the utility and excitement that comes with an RC mini robot.

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