Rc Gas Boats

RC Gas Boats give you a real Kick!

RC gas boats are the ideal choice of models if you are looking to get your hands on something that gives you more than your regular Electric RC Boat. Built for more power and performance, RC gas boats are the best way to enjoy your hobby, especially if you are looking to compete with others as well. A natural graduation from an RC electric boat, RC gas boats require lot more effort but return an additional amount of fun to go with it.

The main difference between RC gas boats and other forms of RC Boats is that they are run on gasoline or petrol. This means that they require an internal combustion engine to do their bidding, rather than a simple electric motor. This also results in a higher degree of power output, as compared to an ERC Boats Model.

Maintenance is a huge responsibility for RC gas boats. Since they use gasoline and have regular engine parts like an automobile, RC gas boats require regular maintenance and servicing just like a regular vehicle. Keeping the engine clean, even when not in use, is vital to its proper functionality. This ensures that there is little or no difference in the performance when you run it even after months of non-use.

RC gas boats are usually around 4 to 5 feet long, on an average. This is mainly to accommodate the large sized engines that they run on. RC gas boats are usually larger than nitro boats even. However, running an RC gas boat is considerably cheaper than a Nitro RC Boat.

The primary reason is the fuel used - Gasoline as compared to a mixture of Nitro-Methanol. The gasoline and oil mixture is a lot cheaper, meaning that you can fill up canisters, for just a few bucks, at any local gas station.

RC gas boats also last longer than their nitro-engined cousins. This is mainly due to the fact that RC gas boats are run on lower revs as compared to Nitro RC Boats. While this means lower speeds, it also means that the parts are under lesser pressure and therefore, wear out slower.

You can easily find a host of RC gas boats at any local RC Hobby Stores, RC Hobby Shops or even some toy stores. You will also find numerous parts and pieces that can help you repair and maintain your RC gas boats at all times.

If you are looking for some fun and want more than what electric RC boats offer, then RC gas boats are the best bet. Cheaper than nitro and faster than electric, the best middle-path is what you get when you buy RC gas boats.

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