Rc Electric Assist Gliders

RC electric assist gliders are models that have been created specifically for beginners. For those who are learning to fly, these RC electric assist gliders have some necessary aids that allow a bit of leeway, when it comes to making mistakes. If you are looking for a safe and friendly way of learning how to fly an airplane, looking at RC electric assist gliders is a fantastic option.

As the name suggests, RC electric assist gliders need some form of assistance to fly.

RC assist gliders require assistance when it comes to launching. This makes them quite similar to kites, in a way. Once you've got them into the air, you can use your radio controller to bring them down to the ground in a controlled manner, just like a regular glider.

Most RC electric assist gliders are absolutely simple, in terms of design, without any canopy incorporated into the design. This allows these models to be absolutely basic - ideal for beginners of any age. You can also find a lot of models with landing gears as well as canopies, but that is totally up to the kind of money you are looking to spend on your model.

Most RC electric assist gliders are available in Ready-to-Fly (RTF) formats. This allows you to avoid any unnecessary time spent on putting the plane together and simply head out to the park. While you might think that RC electric assist gliders are slow and easy to fly, you would only be partially right. They are easy to fly for sure, but that doesn't mean that these RC electric assist gliders are slow by any means.

There is a healthy range of planes available in the Almost RTF category as well, such as the GPMA series (1065, 1581 and 1959) by Great Planes, or the PKZ4700 and PKZ4775 by Park Zone. Almost every manufacturer of RC airplanes recognizes the need for RC electric assist gliders and, therefore, has a collection for those looking to get accustomed to flying RC models.

Joining a club allows you to not only meet like-minded people, but also gives you the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who can guide you through the entire process. This will also allow you to take baby-steps into the world of RC flying.

If you are looking for an entry-point, then there is no better spot. Easy to fly, simple to control and ideal for beginners, there is no better way to go ahead than RC electric assisted gliders.

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