Rc Dinosaur

A RC dinosaur is the perfect gift for any little boy or girl, or even an adult interested in RC toys. Capable of a variety of functions, a RC dinosaur offers hours of interactive fun for the entire family. Ranging from basic walk, jump, flip to high-end artificial intelligence, RC dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes and choosing one depends on a lot of factors such as your budget, level of skill and of course personal preference.

If you are looking to buy a RC dinosaur for a little kid, then there are plenty of basic RC dinosaur models to choose from. For example, the Kid Galaxy RC T-Rex, a cute little dinosaur model, is perfect for kids aged 3 and over. The remote control of this dinosaur is in the shape of a trilobite, making it even more attractive to kids. Now if you want something fancier, then the D-Rex Remote Control Dinosaur is another option. More realistic looking, coupled with patented software, that allows it to react to voice and touch, the D-Rex can even attack on command. All these models are Ready-to-Run, making them perfect gifts for children. All you need to do is fit in the batteries and your RC dinosaur is ready to go on the prowl.

For adults, RC dinosaurs come in all levels of complexity. From the super-intelligent Discovery Channel Chromashift Roboreptile, to the huge Spike the Ultra Dinosaur, the options are endless. The Chromashift Roboreptile is a special edition of the Wow Wee roboreptile, which does everything its real-life counterpart does, well almost. It can run, walk and even hunt. You don't even need to constantly guide this dinosaur around, as the free roam mode will ensure it moves around the house, responding to sound and touch, all by itself. Responses can be controlled too, with cautious and playful being the safe options, and aggressive for the more daring. The Chromashift Roboreptile comes with an artificial intelligence personality, and can switch from using two legs to four at will.

Now before you rush to purchase your RC dinosaur, it is important to note that while the kiddie RC dinosaurs will cost anywhere from $18 to $50, the more intelligent RC dinosaurs can go as high as $250. This is also because some of these RC dinosaurs even interact with other RC robots.

The internet is the best place to check out prices and features, with a lot of websites such as eBay and Amazon providing a wide range of choices to customers. Make sure you check seller ratings and read any user reviews before investing in these robots. Local hobby stores also stock these RC toys, and are better sources as you can check them first-hand. Ensure that you only buy the age-appropriate RC dinosaur for your purpose.

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