Preserving Flowers With Drying Agents

There are many ways to preserve flowers and preserving flowers with drying agents is one of the most common and easy-to-try formats for any home-based hobbyist or amateur. The idea of trying out new and different things is to simply find a way to make the hobby even more convenient and easy for you. All this, while ensuring that you still get the results you are looking for, make it extremely easy and fun for you to pick up these techniques of preserving flowers with drying agents.

There are many different ways to get into preserving flowers with drying agents and here are some of the ways that are the easiest to practice at home and, also, relatively cheap ways of getting into the hobby.

Sand Drying Flowers for Preservation

The thing about using sand is that it is quite freely available if you live near the sea or the ocean. However, you do need to make sure that there is no water in that sand and that it is completely dry. Even the presence of salt can be detrimental so you might need to get rid of that - you can simply do that by soaking the sand for a bit, in hot (not boiling) water, which will dissolve the entire salt in it and then separating the sand and the water with a muslin cloth. Then, just lay that sand out in the Sun and allow nature to do what she does best.

Alternately, you can use an oven to bake the sand at about 250 degrees for about 20 to 30 minutes. This process is faster and if you have an overcast or rainy day, you can use this way to keep moisture out of it and then use it later. You need to pick mature flowers, early in the morning, but after the dew has evaporated and then take them into your work area. There, you need to place about a couple of inches of sand into a container and make a small depressing on the surface, by scooping out a little. Then, place a flower into that depression and press the sand around that flower to provide support.

Then, all you need to do is take some more sand in your hand and trickle it slowly over the petals, starting on the outside and moving inwards. Make sure that the sand is placed equally and cleanly on all sides of the flower, thereby ensuring that the weight of sand on the flower's petals is also equal - which helps maintain the shape of the flower. These flowers need to be left in the sand and slowly, they will dry up and become extremely fragile. That means, you need to be very careful when digging them out of the sand and once you have done so, you are done!

Homemade Ways of Preserving Flowers with Drying Agents

If you cannot get your hands on sand and are looking for something closer to home that can help you do the same job again, then you can just raid your kitchen for the ingredients you need to get started If you have pumice lying around along with yellow corn meal, then equal proportions of those two ingredients is the best way to get things underway. If, on the other hand, you have borax powder, then you can use that as well, along with yellow corn meal, to the same effect.

Then, you can also use some other grain cereals instead of corn meal, as long as they have wheat in them. They are heavier, slightly, but they can still do the job. Sand is always lighter, but if you cannot find sand near you, then you just need to replace it with the combinations mentioned above. The usage is exactly the same as it would be with the sand concept, the only difference being the materials you are using. However, instead of closing the container, as you would do with Sand, you need to keep things open and in a warm and dry place for a couple of weeks or more.

Microwave for Flower Preservation

Now, if you are looking for the quickest and most hassle-free way of preserving flowers with drying agents, then why not turn the microwave on? Flowers always vary in size and shape and when putting more than one flower in the microwave, you need to make sure that you have flowers of the same size in it, at one time. This prevents one from drying up quicker or more than the others. Basically, you need to rely on your sight to try and see which flowers look the most similar.

When using a microwave, you need to be careful because it's all about trying over and over again till you get it right. Even then, you might not get the right effect every time because every flower is different and you will need to adjust accordingly, every single time. However, you will get a general idea of the range you need to heat it for, at a particular setting, and then, it's all about doing it over and over again.

Preserving flowers with drying agents is the most common way of practicing the hobby at home. There are very few pressures and if you are someone who is trying to get into the hobby or wants to practice it in a new or different way, then you can easily try out preserving flowers with drying agents like this.

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