Preserving Flowers For Display

Preserving flowers for display is a very important aspect of the hobby no matter how long you have been practicing it. It is also one of the most common reasons for people to get into the hobby, the way you take those flowers that you have worked on and arranged them to look beautiful days and months after they are meant to be gone. After all, if you have gone through the hard job of elongating the life of these beautiful flowers, you will need nothing to finish off your learning curve but the skills of preserving flowers for display.

Once you have taken out those flowers from their drying vessels or chambers or containers, you are ready to put them up for display and there are many tricks and tips that you can learn to make this process easier, better and more interesting.

Storing Preserved Flowers for Display

Not everything that you work on can be used immediately, which means you need to find a way to keep them in their preserved state until you actually get around to using them. Depending on the kind of setup you have in your work area or your home, you might have to make minor adjustments but the basic idea of the whole setup is to keep your flowers as far from moisture as possible.

If you have wires that are connected to your flowers, to prop them up, then you need to put each flower separately, with the wires driven into stiff foam-sheets or something else that has similar properties - basically, keep the flowers still, away from each other and completely steady. The humidity content of the room needs to be below 60%, at least, if you are preserving flowers for display.

You can put in a dehumidifier if required, especially in summers or during the monsoon season while placing silica gel in open containers, around the preserved flowers, is also a great way to keep things dry. As long as you keep the gel dry, replacing or replenishing it from time to time, you won't have any problems. If space is a constraint, just lay out the flowers on some wax paper, giving enough space between them.

Arranging Preserved Flowers for Display

When you think about arranging the flowers that you have worked so hard to preserve and protect, the basic principles remain the same as they are with fresh flowers. You focus on line, colour, texture, form and balance of the arrangement. The only different lies in the technique that you need to follow and while there is no hard and fast rule as such, you need to be a lot more careful when it comes to preserving flowers for display and arranging them.

The most important thing to remember is that these flowers are more fragile than fresh flowers. Pick a container or a vase where you want to arrange these flowers and then, go about finding the following materials to aid your arrangement process. You need: Colourless nail polish, florist's tape (in a variety of colours), dry sand, stems and wires, modelling clay, Ferning pins and a pair of tweezers.

The first thing you need to do is fill sand into the container to make it stable and then put in the clay to top it up to the height you want it to be. Then, you need to mould the clay in such a way, right at the top, that you can insert these flowers in any angle. Cover the clay with other accessories like moss or stones or dry shrubs. For each flower, you need to add stems to them, either in the form of wires that are connected to them or in the form of real stems that are attached to them.

Then, these stems go into the clay where you make small holes, insert the stems and close the holes around the bottom of the stems. With that, the process of preserving flowers for display gets to the point where you start focusing on how the entire arrangement looks. With these simple ways, you can figure out exactly how to position your flowers or give them the kind of final appearance that you need.

Whether you are simply practicing it as a hobby or trying to get into the business of selling them commercially, knowing how to preserve flowers and preserving flowers for display are two extremely essential skills that you need to know. After all, there is a little bit more technique involved in preserving flowers for display, than just the aesthetic sense of arranging them together.

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