Preserving Flowers Commercial Use

The art of preserving flowers for commercial use has picked up rapidly in recent times. The introduction of preserved flowers offers a beautiful and natural alternative to those plastic flowers that you normally find in the long-lasting flower segment. There are many different ways to get into the hobby but when you are looking to take your hobby to the next level, bringing in a commercial angle to it, you might need more specialized equipment and expertise in handling them as well.

There are many different ways of preserving flowers for commercial use and here's a look at some of the most common ways of pursuing this hobby as a profession.

Preserving Flowers in Drying Chambers

The concept of a drying chamber is similar to what you would normally have as a paint-drying chamber. It is completely free of moisture and has a circulation of warm air that keeps sucking out the moisture from the flowers and carrying it out with the circulating air. Now, there are a couple of varieties of these drying chambers available for preserving flowers for commercial use and they include air-tight chambers and ones that are not. The only difference is that in the air-tight versions, the heat does get rid of the moisture, but the moisture never escapes from the chamber. As a result, there is a high chance for the flower to get damaged.

Basically, you take your flowers and fix them onto the mesh provided within the chamber. Depending on the moisture content within those flowers and the size of the flowers as well as the number of flowers you have in that bunch. Every flower is put separately to ensure that they get equal treatment but you also need to ensure that you get flowers of approximately the same size in it. The amount of water content in the flowers will determine how many hours you need to keep your flowers in for.

Using Silica Gel for Preserving Flowers

The best and most common way to reduce moisture in the air is silica gel and you will find it everywhere you look. Preserving flowers for commercial use is no different as silica gel can be used to make your flowers drier in the safest way possible. Since using silica gel doesn‘t require you to do anything special to the flowers, neither in terms of preparation and nor in terms of arrangement, you will find that most commercial flower preservation companies use this technique. All you need to do is place the flowers, in the shape that you want them to end up in, in containers full of silica gel.

To ensure that you aren't wasting your time, make sure that those containers are completely air-tight, because the silica gel will, otherwise, start picking out moisture from the air and get saturated. You will need to monitor the silica gel constantly because the moment they stop changing colour or the moment your flowers get into the shape you want them to be in, you can take them out. The best part about silica gel is that they can be put back into use over and over again. All you need to do is place them on a baking tray and bake them for about an hour or so, at around 250 degrees, and you are home and dry.

Freeze Drying to Preserve Flowers

If you are looking for the quickest way to freeze flowers, then you can try the freeze drying approach. All you need to do put your flowers into a special freeze-drying machine that take about 12-hours to put your flowers through a process called sublimation. The flowers are frozen and then, a vacuum pump is used to suck the moisture out of them. The vapour, as it is coming out, turns into ice in another chamber and that ice is used to then freeze the flowers in a cyclic process.

This process ensures that your flowers stay as natural as possible, in terms of shape, colour and more. Flowers will always retain their colour in this process and if you use something like carnations or roses in the process, you will see astonishing results in terms of what you end up with. If you do end up with something that fades out a little, then you can always put in a little bit of colour through a spray that can even things out for you.

The process of preserving flowers for commercial use has become all the rage ever since people have realised how convenient it is to keep these natural flowers in your home, without having to worry about watering them or changing them over and over again. If you are in the hobby of preserving flowers and want to shift to doing this for a living, then try out these ways of preserving flowers for commercial use and you will be hooked for life.

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