Polymer Clay Doll making

Polymer Clay Doll making

Sculpting Dolls - Polymer Clay Doll making

Polymer Clay doll making is one of the easiest forms of sculpting dolls. Doing away with the need for kilns and messy mold materials, polymer clay is an easy to use sculpting material which can be cured at low temperatures why not visit, DIY - Do it Yourself of 129 to 135 degrees. Polymer clay doll making requires very basic materials which can be easily acquired from any crafts also see, Chocolate Kids Birthday Cakes store. Curing can be done in your home have a look at, Collectible Lighters oven, though make sure you keep your sculpting supplies separate from your kitchen try, English Calligraphy equipment. So to start with your experience polymer clay doll making head out to your local try, Balcony Gardening crafts shop to get supplies.

Some of the most basic items required for polymer clay doll making are corks, clay tools, , DIY - Do it Yourself polymer clay, cotton string, acrylic paints, also look at, Vintage Newspapers a small paintbrush, around 3mm of flexible armature wire and wire cutters. Once you have all the supplies, start out by poking two parallel holes into the centre of the cork, going through the cork. Now fold a 10inch section of the wire in half, and pass it through the centre of the cork, leaving a loop about one inch tall on both sides. Make sure both sides are even, as these will form of the legs of your doll.

Take a bit of polymer clay, fold it into a rectangle and join it to the end of the wires, this will form of the foot and calf of the doll. Shape this clay to resemble a foot as closely as you can. Now to form arms of the doll, repeat the same procedure with a 5 inch wire and form the hands my moulding the polymer clay at the ends of the wire. Since the fingers will be quite delicate you will need to use a sculpting tool , Enya Engines in order to get the right look for your hands. Make sure the hands and the feet are securely attached to the wire.

Now take a larger piece of polymer clay and wrap it around the wire to form the doll's torso, neck, arms and legs. Once you have completed the doll's body with polymer clay, bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Allow the body to cool once you are done, and then use another piece of polymer clay to form the head of the doll, and secure it well to the body of the doll. Once again use a sharp sculpting tool why not visit, RC Tiger to shape out the eyes and the mouth on the head of the doll. Make the hair of the doll out of polymer, or leave the scalp vacant to add a wig later.

Bake the doll with the head, for another 2 minutes after which you need to allow it to cool. After cooling you can paint also see, Trench Art Collectibles the doll as you desire, and even accessorize and cloth it in different colours have a look at, RC Humanoids and fabrics. Be creative while sculpting the polymer clay as it is ease to shape and allows for creative expression. Also spend time in decorating why not visit, Weaving the doll as it adds immense value to your polymer clay doll making experience.

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