Playmobil Doll House

A Playmobil doll house is one of the many reasonable options of doll houses to choose from. Playmobil, a German company, entered the world of toy manufacturing in the 1958, with hula hoops, and over the years have built a strong reputation with their Playmobil knights, forts and of course doll houses. Buying a Playmobil doll house requires a little bit of research, as you need to pick one that suits your needs best. In addition, you could also look into buying other Playmobil products, such as furniture sets, to accessorise your Playmobil doll house.

Reviewing the available Playmobil doll houses requires you to know which models are the most popular. Let us help you out there. The available Playmobil doll houses include the Victorian Mansion doll house, the Christmas doll house, Magic Dream Castle doll house, the Grande Mansion, Take Along doll house, the A-frame Family Vacation Home doll house and the Modern house. Of these the three most popular Playmobil doll houses are the Grande Mansion, the Modern Home and the Take Along doll house.

Grande Mansion Playmobil Doll House

Let's begin with the Grande Mansion. One of the more expensive doll houses by Playmobil, the Grande Mansion is a large doll house complete with five rooms. Brightly coloured, this Playmobil will make an ideal toy for your little girl. It is important to note that both the Grande Mansion and the Dream Castle house are quite detailed and come with a large number of add-ons and accessories. So be sure your child is comfortable with all that variety and is not young enough to put anything in her mouth.

The Modern House

The Modern House is a much less complicated, expandable doll house. Note that you can also get an expansion set for the Grande Mansion doll house. The Modern Home doll house comes complete with a family of four, as well as a family dog. The house was built using SystemX construction, making it quite sturdy and equally easy to assemble.

Take Along Doll House

Finally the Take Along doll house. Conveniently portable, the Take Along doll house comes in several themes and contains a kitchen, a bedroom, a children's room and a living room, complete with a fireplace. Containing two floors, the doll house comes with a family of four, and a number of furniture pieces.

Once you have decided on a Playmobil doll house of your own, you can purchase it from a large number of sources. Local toy stores, or hobby stores and the Internet are just some of the sources. Playmobil has its own website, where you can buy the product of your choice directly from. You could also purchase a large variety of accessories to add to your Playmobil doll house, from any of these sources.

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