Painting For Children

Creative Painting for Children!

Painting activities provide a wonderful creative outlet for children and in fact the whole family. If planned correctly, the painting activities will help to while away many happy hours during school holidays, they can be perfect for children on their own or for groups of children. Painting activities can be adapted to location and circumstances and can even include the whole family.

Children enjoy times of creativity but most children in these high tech days, need to be encouraged to take part in drawing or painting activities as sometimes the lure of the TV can be a hard distraction to ignore. Gentle persuasion may be necessary initially but once they have had a go at some of the exciting painting activities that you are planning, they will be keen to do more.

To give you a starting point, use some of the following ideas:

- Word and Picture Game: The adult calls out selected words and the children compete with each other and interpret the word in a drawing or series of drawings.
- Treasure hunt - Children create the picture clues
- Timed drawing game - call out animals such as cat, dog, horse etc and get them to draw them within two minutes each.
- Start a creative journal where they can write in their secret thoughts but also draw pictures to represent their feelings.

These are just a few to start you off but there are numerous ideas that you can use to start children off so that they can learn how to enjoy fun painting activities. Irrespective of their age, introducing them to the simple pleasures of painting and drawing will last them a lifetime and some children may even go on to develop strong artistic skills.

These types of fun tasks can be adapted in respect of the number of children present and whether there are mixed ages and skill sets. You could even get the children coming up with some art orientated games and this will encourage their creativity. Just remember next time that the children are bored, set them up with some painting activities.

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